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I've been ordering ISK for EVE Online for years with this provider. The last order I placed went smoothly, or so I thought. I had placed an order for 1 billion ISK back on 7/15/2011. The ISK was delivered promptly. The problem was that on 7/18/2011, I go to use some of that ISK to buy gear is gone. An EVE GM had reversed the in-game contract between swagvault and myself.

This gets worse as I contact swagvault's live chat. I explain what had happened. They request a screen shot of my in-game wallet. I send them the screen shot & then they waste 30 minutes of my time by telling me this is my fault. The problem is that the EVE GM did not just remove the ISK. They reversed the contract. I suspect that the swagvault sellers are entering tickets after ISK is transferred and then getting it back later. Basically, they're taking your money, and stealing the ISK back.

Be careful in where you buy online currency!

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  • Al
      Jun 05, 2007 - Promised service not received
    United States

    I paid whit my credit card a service for 2000 of gold for my account of world of warcraft and they dont give me the gold cuz they dont have the gold is a cheat, please dont buy anything this please. I lost US 150 in this.

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  • Sw
      Nov 05, 2008 payed 150 for 2000 gold??

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