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Never have I been treated so oddly, and so rudely by a business. I am actually freightened of this lender -- as in they may do something to cause my famully harm Here is teh odd (and "have too much time" ) email they sent. I was so polite to this man -- he just was like a bloodhound on a scent.

(her is his mail to me)

C. K.
I hope you choose to read all of this !

If you refi in 5 years what would be the point ? You told me yourself that you ‘’ Don’t need cash “ ‘’ and you don’t have ANY financial needs ‘’

So if you are in a perfect spot as far as money is concerned Why would you refi now and then refi again in 5 years ???? Does not make much sense ? No matter what the statics say !

These are the cold hard facts ! The numbers don’t lie at 3.875 % on a 10 year loan with bi weekly payments you can own your home in 8 years in 2 months saving you 57, 648.00 in Payments !!
( that is 1201.00 your current payment X 12 = 14, 412.00 X 4 years for a total of 57, 648.00 )

By being secure in your Financial position and you don’t need the money why not save 50k + in payments and over 50k + in interest ? This is a better rate then you have now 3.875 & on a shorter term 10 year fixed !
We also DON’T need an appraisal so there is NO out of pocket cost to you.

What would be the purpose to refi again in 5 years if you don’t need the money and you will own your home in 8.25 years ?

On a side note I thought I would take a second out of my day to explain myself and give you some feedback on how you came across. I was not doing anything to push you into a loan all I wanted to do was ask you a few questions so maybe I could shed some light on why this would be a GREAT opportunity for your family to take advantage of a 3.875 % rate on a 10 year fixed loan. I laid this out above and if you still were not interested I would have thanked you for the opportunity to earn your business and kindly move on…..

BUT Instead of that happening you treated me like I was a kid in your class that did not deserve any of your respect, after I worked up several options at your request and came in on Saturday to go over them! Also I have not heard back from you since I sent my break down email I thought to call you today because maybe the week days are a little crazy to do business since you do have a very important job in educating our youth. So instead of giving me any respect you choose to speak over me and hang up the phone up as if you did not ask for this information by applying on line ?? If I recall correctly I did not cold call your home as a telemarketer I responded to your request for information Correct ? I pray that since you have a influence over our youth you’re not teaching them this is an acceptable way to treat people. You must think your off the hook by saying things in a kind manner no matter how you say it, it’s not ok to hang up on someone that you asked for information from. Furthermore by not allowing me to speak my piece (that maybe would have taken 3 min’s of your time worst case) it’s clear to me that you don’t look at people in my line of work as human beings that are trying to support a family working by working on a Saturday! I know since you hold a position as the school Liberian I must be a sleazy sales person Right ? Because if this is not the way you look at me I am little confused after the way I was treated on our phone call ??? What I must not be is man that really wanted to make sure you received the best Rates and best service by coming in Saturday to give you the best options. All I was hoping to accomplish was to come in today so I did NOT cut into your work week or cut into weekday family time because if its anything like my home the weekdays are tough to do anything. Your right now that I look back on it hanging up on me was the right thing to do don’t you think ?

Good Luck and God Bless I will be sending you a withdrawal email shortly since you have express no intention in doing business with us Thank you for your time !

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  • Ji
      Feb 25, 2011

    it actually sounds like the loan officer was right on this one. sounds like the lady was rude and hopefully he does do something to her and her family dont waist peoples time lady.. and by the way i hope that you dont have a teaching licence because you can spell for crap! dont teach our kids anything you have learned!

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  • Ja
      Mar 09, 2011

    Sounds like the Loan officer is right on ! Some customer applies for a loan, asked the LO to call him to go over options and the LO not only calls him but comes in on Sat to go over the clients options on a weekend ! Because the client is a teacher and the LO is trying not to call during the week when teachers are the busiest? Then the LO gets blown off and hung up on ... People need to RESPECT sales people a little more then they do this Teacher/client sounds like a ### hole !

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  • Ja
      Mar 09, 2011

    it’s a shame this client tried to make an example out of a LO coming in on the weekend to give someone options on a loan and then the client gets pissed when the Loan guy did his Job, WOW some people ... This teacher thinks the world revolves around Him/her and they think they can just toy with people trying to make a living ! This Teacher is TRASH ! I bet if you would have picked up the phone and was polite none of this would have happen but the teacher think sales people are not trying to support a family and make a living also … This makes me sick

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  • Mt
      Mar 19, 2011

    Question who is more dishonest the client or L.O..
    Customer why first of all the average LO doesn't know what they are doing. The customer knows exactly that they have applied with 3 different mortgage companies. There income is lower than stated. Finally they all live in gold mansions. Bottomline don't cry because your LO couldn't get the loan done.
    I say the ball is in who's court? THE LENDERS AND TO THAT I SAY TIME TO BALL OUT. clients point at the banks and say look what they did. Who did? it is your house read the closing docs I'll show you why I charge more.. COMPANY FIRST

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  • Te
      Apr 29, 2013

    It is most apparent the Debtor used her intelligence, professionalism and maturity by not going into further detail of previous acts of the LO that the LO was WRONG! There is no explanation any LO can provide which will excuse the unprofessional and sarcastic email sent to the Debtor. Obviously the LO's treatment to the Debtor during the Saturday phone call was so rude it did prompt her posting of this matter so as to warn others. What ever happened to hospitality and respect. The "Company First" and "High Cost Loans 4 Life" mentality has aided in the collapse of many financial institutions. Many individuals lost jobs over such ill thinking, many who deserved to lose them and many who did not.

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