Superior Health & Beauty c/o Rapid FulfillmentUnauthorized credit card charges

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I just received an order of Garcina Cambogia Advanced and Tri-Cleanse Colon Cleanse from Superior Health and Beauty, C/O Rapid Fulfillment, 12924 Pierce Street, Pacoima, California 91331. I did not order these products. I checked my credit card account and found that I have been billed an exorbitant amount for these two products. I want my money refunded.

I spoke with a customer service representative (Anthony) and complained that I did not order these products, did not want them, wanted my money refunded and didn't want to hear from them again ever!

He was calm and understanding, so I cooperated with him, as he attempted to find my account information. We agreed that I had contacted the right office (Rapid Fulfillment, Pocoima, CA) but he could not find my information, the order #'s on the packages did not provide sufficient information for him to track it and my email address was not listed in their accounts' database. Further, he knew nothing about "SUPERIOR HEALTH AND BEAUTY" despite the fact that its mailing address in care of RAPID FULFILLMENT.

So how was this sent to me? He could not explain it and advised that I contact my bank to dispute the charges.

I contacted my bank and have initiated a Dispute Case against this company.

Extremely Disappointed

Corbin Shangreaux

Jan 19, 2017
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  • Pa
      Feb 08, 2017

    Same thing - never ordered!!! Called and cancelled offering to send back all unopened products - they keep sending more!!! Still trying to sort - please let me know of any help against these vampire/pirates

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  • Fr
      Feb 22, 2018

    Oh My God! I soooooo feel your pain - I'm dealing with the same thing - same company! I have spoken to so many reps as well as people at my bank that I'm emotionally exhausted. I've cancelled my credit card, and waiting on a new one - but they - Bright Herbal & Herbal Secrets are both stealing money out of my account! They have now stolen over $500 out of my account! My bank is looking into it so hopefully that will be the end of it - but I'm not overly optimistic at this point. This has been going on since the end of January. And the really fun thing in all of this is that apparently Herbal Secret(s) doesn't exist ...BUT they mysteriously take money out of my account.

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  • Li
      May 17, 2018

    OMG!!! my mother 70 years old gos scammed as well!
    Superior Health & Beauty c/o Rapid Fulfillment made Unauthorized credit card charges
    since then they are sending us a product we have never ordered many times and are charging us!

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  • Fr
      May 17, 2018

    @Liz ginzburg I finally got mine straightened out...but it was a nightmare! The company('s) were no help whatsoever, and most of the time were absolutely antagonistic - they'd hang up on me, call me a liar, yell at me - it was horrible! but I kept notes on each call - Time, Date, person's name, employee ID #, which number I called etc. The bank told me to call them and have them send me confirmation that I asked for my account to be closed/refunded etc. The problem that I ran into was that only 1 of the companies actually existed - the other company doesn' the bank found it fairly easy to determine this a fraudulent activity - but took a bit longer for that to be fixed. It didn't help that the department that I was dealing with at the bank thought that I was some elderly lady that needed to be taught that things like this happen and how it happens etc...very condescending, treated me like this was my fault! They told me that they'd look into it but it could take upwards of 3-4 months to investigate and return my money - and that I should be aware that even after that if the company proved that they were valid charges that the bank could potentially withdraw the money back out of my account and return it to them...So far I've received all cash back except the initial shipping charges - so hopefully that is the end of it.

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