Superior Fake Degreesreplacement of lost high school certificate

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Asked if superior fake degrees could replace my lost high school certificate they said 'yes' so sent them money via western union all very nice and polite and knew there stuff, money was picked up within 2 hours of sending and have not heard from them since, have sent numerous emails but have not heard a peep from them. stay away from this website.. they just take your money and run.


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      Nov 09, 2009

    Superiorfakedegrees. com are robbers. They stole my last money November 2.2009. After pyment tehy remove my access to their gmail chat and stopped answer any emails. If somebody have advise how to get them to prison, let me know. I have nothing to lose now.I'll do that.

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      Nov 09, 2009

    Beware of those ### lies ! I'm not their competitor like they keep saying ! Those will rob you !
    First of all, try post some comment on their blog or web site. Is not work ! You CAN'T make any comment ! You can't do that because is their own created place, so nobody can see any complain against them ! They also write their complain against them by them self and there will be email where you can ask somebody who have bad experience with them and also you will be curious what that person say to you, so if you will contact him he will say how much they rob him.He will also give you another email address who helped him with his documents. what he need. That "another " person is the same as person form superiorfakedegrees. Don't take it ! Brad Smith, Jared eyc...any name they pick up on internet and using. Watch your money, don't trust them !

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      Feb 11, 2010

    disagree with this complaint as i have personally used there service and is very satisfied

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      Feb 13, 2010

    tonny is also their another nickname

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      Mar 01, 2010

    DO NOT I repeat DO NOT place any order with superiorfakedocuments. they are indeed a total rip off!!! as someone said before they will respond to your emails very quickly before you place the order, and when you send them the money they say you should have details within 12-24 hrs and you will never hear from them again !!! they tried very hard to get me to send them all the money at once, but I refused and only sent half...i know it is still money, but at least those ### did not get the full amount. And also, I also picked up that one minute they were signing Brad and another Brian. THEY ARE FAKE...DO NOT DO NOT SEND THEM ANY MONEY

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      Jun 01, 2010

    If anyone is looking to get a High School diploma just send your request to migcor.[protected]

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      Feb 03, 2011

    superiorfakedegree SCAM=BOGUS SITE

    Here is yet another money making scam preying on people who are just to stupid or don't know how to educate themself.

    superiorfakedegree = Jared Nolan = Denise Nolan Wife
    Past Scam Sites Now Closed= Skyhighprinting/Google it? it?
    Google Jared Nolan?

    superiorfakedegrees is really run by Jared Nolan of Canada. Anyone who contacts this scam site and wants a fake diploma is emailed back by Brian or another fake name really= Jared Nolan really responding attempting to get you to send him money via phony bank or western union no recourse. Brian was they same phony fake name used in the old scam (now closed due to scamming) . Jared Nolan has NO job and relies on dumb stupid people who need a fake document or passport in which he uses a fake name like brian with many convincing emails to get a customer to send him money western union. There is no product, no real communication with any university all you will get is nothing, zip (out your F'n money)

    The Uncovering The Truth Blog

    This is yet another scam tactic used by old Jared Nolan to throw the heat on some other site due to all the complaints (GoogleThem). He's good with the words and tries like hell to cover all the thousands of dollars he has taken from plain stupid trusting people?


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      Jul 27, 2011
    Superior Fake Degrees - Complete con/rip off
    Superior Fake Degrees

    Brian and Jenny and friendly Mike. ### low- life; believe everything they say at your peril. Put up your money and it's gone. Guaranteed rip - off. Must be quite a few people who would like to have a word with them.
    You have been warned!

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  • Y
      Feb 24, 2012

    You may also want to add Jared Nolan Damphousse Coner and any variations of this name to the list of scammers associated with this group. Don't do business with these people they will steal your money and you will not receive the product you ordered.

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      Oct 15, 2013

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      Oct 30, 2014

    If you need a REAL supplier, please contact: banking.[protected]
    I tried this guy and - what a surprise - after 12 days I received my donor passport. I opened a bank account last week (23/11) and right now everything is wokring perfect!!!

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