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I ordered a Zenchef Pro hot air fryer from SuperDealUSA in Fontana, California through It arrived Dec 5 and was opened Dec 25 on Christmas day...The fan did not work. I contacted the vendor the early part of January through Amazon. They responded asking many questions about the operation which I answered...then on Jan 7 I received a notice that my "return request had been closed". I contacted Amazon, then Jan 10 received a message asking me to return the item at my expense for a refund. I again called Amazon and the sense I got from the conversation was that the seller had the discretion to either refund my shipping or not. I felt that I was throwing good money after bad at this point. SuperDealUSA at no time acted in good faith and I had no expectation that they would start now; I took my loss of $76.89. Please us extreme caution when dealing with this online seller.
Lu Juan (AM)
FONTANA, CA [protected]

Jan 10, 2019

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