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The hair stylist insisted I learn the reasons for her using scissor or trimmers. I explained - as I always do, that it doesn't matter, I just need a hair cut. She said she had several questions I needed to answer before hoe could cut my hair. Really? For what purpose? To waste my time apparently.
She called over another employee who went through the same routine. Instead of just cutting my hair, they wanted to play 20 questions.
I went to another hair cutting business, and got my hair cut without incident or all the bull.

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  • Dn
      9th of May, 2012

    Very True. Expensive since of late

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  • Sn
      24th of May, 2013

    So I take it you're the type of person when asked, "How would you like your hair?" you either answer, "The usual" or "shorter". "The usual" implies the person has been cutting your hair for several years and knows exactly how you like it. "Shorter" implies the person could wax your head bald and that is exactly what you want. A bald head is the usual for some, half an inch off is shorter for some, while 5 inches off is shorter for others. George Bush has a usual haircut for his head, Obama has a usual haircut for his head. Both completely different styles. Get the picture?

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