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Marilyn from this store was very pushy and gave me a pathetic highlight job. I should have known better to not let her give me highlights when she suggested I only needed crown highlights after I kept repeating I wanted all-over highlights. Last time I checked, it is the customer that determines the service they want. When Marilyn was finished, I was left with striped hair and not enough foils on my bangs and the top of my hair. It is also blotchy on my bangs because she did not weave the hair to highlight. In other words, she just highlighted blunt strips of hair on my bangs.

After getting home, and drying my hair, I noticed just how bad my hair was. Because my hair was so uneven I got Color Oops. I did not use Color Oops however; because after visiting their web site, it said that it could not be used on highlights. Damn I thought. Now I am stuck with uneven highlights unless I dye my hair back to my natural color.

Hoping that I would get my money back, my hair fixed, or my hair back to my natural color, I called the regional supervisor of Supercuts.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Greenlawn, NYYou see the person that did my hair (Marilyn) is actually the supervisor of the Greenlawn location so I asked for somebody over her. That got me nobody any better.
I was told by Pamela (regional supervisor) that I only had two options. Pamela said that Marilyn could fix my hair (no thank you), or she herself could fix my hair. I opted for the regional supervisor to fix my hair. What a disappointment. Pamela was extremely rude, talked loud, and did not know what she was doing either. She insisted I just needed toner. It is a long story but when I walked out of there I had darker hair. It was like I never had highlights at all. The toner she used was too dark. Not only do I now have brown hair with blotchy dark highlights on my bangs, but I still have the blotches of whitish hair in the front of my head. If she had common sense, she would have put the toner on the light strands of white for a longer period of time than she did for the rest of my hair. That is the way they did it in North Carolina. I guess I was expecting too much. I specifically also gave visual examples of how I wanted my hair and was assured that my hair would be highlighted all over.
There is nothing like having your hair messed up to ruin your day. My hair is now a light brown with blotchy dark highlights on my bangs. I hate it.

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      Aug 05, 2009

    Omg! i went to Supercuts in VA and you could barely tell they gave me highlights so i complained and the manager there tried to convince me that all i need was toner. I told her to rehighlight my hair and she did and it turned out a lot better and more the way i wanted it. But she tried the same thing with oh toner will make it work better mess.

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