Sunoco / gopetro transport llc

Houston, TX, United States

This morning (June 27, 2017) at 6:20 am one of your trucks entered the north bound Sam Houston Tollway via the entrance ramp prior to the West Rd exit. Rather than remaining in the entrance exit lane until he could safely move over, he forced me into the lane of traffic to my left so that he could get over. My car was adjacent to the middle of the tanker when he began to move over. He did not brake or retract (as if he accidentally didn't see me), rather, he very purposefully kept going until I was forced to brake or move into the traffic to my left. His actions were dangerous and unnecessary as he would have had plenty of time to move over before the exit. His placard was on 1203. I have a healthy respect for transport vehicles as the current company I work for operates heavy haul trucks and for 13 years prior to that I worked for a company with fuel and lubricant haulers. Regarding a resolution, I think perhaps the driver needs to sit through a safety course (in Spanish if necessary) and I would like an apology.

Jun 27, 2017

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