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Sunl / Sunl SUCKS!

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I was set up as a dealer for Sunl in May 2007. In their dealer agreement Sunl forces prospective dealers to purchase minimum orders. If no minimum order is purchased, you have no dealer agreement. So we bought about $30,000.00 in inventory. In July another account manager phoned me and told me my account manager had been fired, business as usual. During this time the office staff at Sunl had not completed our franchise agreement so we could not file our amendmended license request with the state. After much pressure a franchise agreement was produced and we filed it with the state only to learn there was another dealer in our town who had protested our license amendment. We came to learn this guy in the local mall is part of Sunl's problems of their stuff falling apart. Not long after we received the notice from the state, a DOT investigator came to visit us and more or less forced us to drop our amendment... assuring us that he would make Sunl buy back our inventory. Of course noone at Sunl will return our repeated calls either. So we're stuck with ALL this inventory the state says we cant legally sell.

To you people that spent $1000.00 for a atv, scooter, etc and got taken advantage of, how would you like to walk in my shoes a day or two, and make my interest payments on the merchandise that sits in my storage area Im not able to sell.
I don't think word can get out fast enough about this company. When I asked the DOT investigator how it is that they can do what they do... he replied ( and I CANNOT believe what he said) " you know, they're Chinese, and they do business different than "we" do ". I thought that was sort of ironic since he is his panic, and I don't know who he was talking about when he said "we", because down at our place, we run it the way the STATE says, not the way the state apparently lets Sunl run theirs.
I am really sorry so many people have had SO much trouble with the powersports products they purchased from Sunl, but I found out that yes these bikes do break, and NO support connected to a Sunl product to speak of, but if you have a good enough service department, ALL of the problems can be overcome, and parts CAN be found to repair them. Ive spent days reading complaint after complaint on the internet about Sunl products, and they're almost ALL true.

The problem I seen for myself at the Sunl location in Dallas was this... you have ONE autocrat ruling that place behind the scenes, and a bunch of puppets (sales people they call District managers ) working out where people can see them. This chinese person behind the scenes calls ALL the shots there. If there's NO parts to fix your bike, it's because that "autocrat" running the show thinks Americans are SO rich that when one of their junky bikes break, we should just go out and buy another one to replace it. They'll even tell you that when you buy, you should buy one or two extra to have as parts. Ive given them $40.00 for a starter they have for sale online for $15.00... and I am a dealer ! Here's why though... you have a customer at your dealership with a 10 year olds atv that wont start... you buy the starter, and pay the freight yourself, and let the customer have that starter at cost and just write that extra cost off as the price of doing business with Sunl, or you do like the guy at the mall does, and tells his customers to get lost.

You buy a bike at MY place though, and your 10 year old will be back out having fun on his atv asap. We already handle the Diamo line, and have been VERY satisfied with their entire operation, plus warranty claims have been very minimal,Ive also picked up another product line to replace the Sunl's I cant sell, but this is the start of my education to the public about Sunl. A business run by idiots will produce a bad product, and most wont last too long. If you have any questions concerning Sunl I can answer, please call Fast Freddys Motorsports at [protected].

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  • De
      22nd of Dec, 2007

    As a dealer of all makes and models of pocket bikes to mini choppers, atv's and stand-up scooters, I have not run across any so poorly made and a company who once they sell the product to you they don't want anything to do with you unless it is to buy another one from them. Sun-L is a company that I as a dealer want to tell everybody out there, if you are interested in buying a scooter or mini motorcycle buy it from anyother dealer or site but please please do not buy it from "Sun-L".

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  • Br
      4th of Jul, 2008

    My complaint is, I have two motorcycles from SUNL and both of the batteries constantly drain. Every time I turn around I have to charge them, and then, after a while, even charging them doesn't work. Is there any solution to this problem. One auto mechanic told me, with some batteries you need to replace them every year. How dumb is that? I know people with bikes and they don't have to replace their battery every year.

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  • Wa
      1st of Dec, 2008

    My nephew just rode one of these from Dallas, Texas to Ozark, Alabama with no troibles. He has put abhout 10, 000 miles all total on it and rides it daily. They do not suit my taste, I ride a Goldwing, but so far my nephew has not experienced anything described here.

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  • Co
      24th of Oct, 2009

    i own three chinnese dirt bikes one hummer 110 auto atv and one sl250d atv and a 150 sld, other than a few flats and a lack of places to ride there has been very little go wrong, of course i work on them i work on all my own bikes, and that has been quite a few, i am a truck driver, dot would care less about a dirt bike unless you are riding on the street, if i am right the local laws don't care where your bike is made, your guy at the mall can be ran off by taking buisness away, , out sell him with a smile, , i like the chinese bikes, they are not as nice as some of jap bikes are but they are good and within a price a poor guy can touch, ,

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  • Su
      27th of Sep, 2010

    Like all other comments, My experience with sunl is terrible! The first week that my son had the quad the frame broke. I had to by a new one. Compleatly take the thing apart, and put everything together. Next the chain tentioners stripped our and I had to replace those. And of course the battery went south on me, TWICE. Then just recently the frame that I replaced broke at the axle mount. I was abe to weld that, but it screwed up the chain so bad that had to be replaced, for the second time. These are the biggist piles I have ever seen. Dont buy one, save yourself some headache. The only thing good I can say about them is that they teach you to save your money and buy a Honda!

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  • Ls
      20th of Nov, 2013

    Ordered a part for a customer 4 weeks ago. Have not received, they don't answer the number listed on their website or answer my emails. Looks like I got screwed out of $90.00 ! Lesson Learned, never order parts from!!!

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