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On 3 of aug 2017, I paid my entire rent of $784 (on time and within the grace period). I had not yet paid my water utility bill, which was $59.70 (according to your staff). They returned my full rent to me on the 7th, claiming that I hadn't paid in full on time, and charged me a $55 late fee on the $59.70 water bill. They told me they posted notices on my door, which I suspiciously never received. They said they tried to call me and got a disconnect. That's because they used an old number, and refused to update my contact information when I gave them my new number. I can prove they had my new number, because at the end of july my air conditioner broke. I called the office to let them know, gave them my phone number (for something like the 3rd time) and they set up an appointment with the hvac repairman... Who later called me successfully at my correct number so that he could fix my ac!!! The only communication I received from them was a hand delivered notice that my husband accepted, which was a very rude letter, fake thanking me for 'trying' to pay my rent.
I have lived in woodside terrace for a little over a year and a half now. And I have never paid my water bill with my rent, and my rent has never been returned to me with a rude letter claiming that because of a past due utility bill, I hadn't paid my rent! I have looked into the legality of this unspoken contract, that your staff allowed me to pay in this manner, and never said anything or told me it wasn't allowed, or that they would return my rent in order to illegally collect a 100% late fee on a utility bill. There is precedent there, from what i've been told.
When I went to the office to inquire about why this was happening, knowing full well i'd paid all my due rent on time, the office staff (bonnie and sandy) started yelling at me, and told me that they 'weren't going to get fired for me.'
Now I want to make it incredibly clear that I never asked them to do anything, other than explain to me what was going on. They flat refused and treated me like ~i~ was the one being confrontational. I will admit that I was unhappy at the time, but I was no where near confrontational with them. It took four days for me to get an answer as to why this happened, and even when I received the 'answer', I still had questions. If they are able to return my rent for a late utility bill, why had no one ever done this before now? I beg you to look at my ledger, and confirm that i've never paid my water bill with my rent. Never. It has always been paid, just never at the same time as the rent. And this has never been a problem before. The office staff happily collected my rent, as they are supposed to...
I've looked into ohio law on this matter, and though you are able to do this to me, it is completely unethical and indecent to charge someone an almost 100% late fee on a utility bill!

In addition to being treated this way on aug 7th of this year; on 8/30/17 (yesterday) the office staff coordinated the purchase and installation of a new mobile home right next to the one I occupy with my family. I want to make it clear that I pay for the land I live on, I rent that also, so that land is not for anyone else to use, period. That's the law.
So your people coordinated this move and all the contractors to install the mobile home, and neglected to tell them to stay off the property that I pay for. These contractors laid their large tools (as well as big planks of wood) out all over my yard, and left them there for the greater part of a day. They were there when I left in the morning at 8 am, parked right next to my driveway in a way that made it almost impossible for me to get out, and with their things already in my yard! And they were still there when I came home around 3 pm. They were literally there, with their things in my yard, all day long.
I understand that as a company, you have to make money, you have to buy new units and install them. What I don't understand is, when you're coordinating with the various contractors and vendors who will do your work, why you don't tell them not to disturb your other residents?! Am I wrong in assuming that your office staff coordinated this entire event? Am I wrong in my assumption that I should not have to have my yard invaded by others when I pay a great deal for it every month?
When I noted these contractors were still in my yard with their things at 3 pm, I called your office staff to complain about it. Jessica took my call, and was very rude, acted like this shouldn't be a problem for me, and that I should just accept it. She told me that they would be leaving soon, and I when I asked her if this made it ok, and if she would be ok with that answer if these people were in her yard, she told me it was ok, and that she would do nothing.
I pay a lot of money to you the year and a half that i've lived here i've paid you more than $14, 000. I would think i'd have earned a modicum of respect from your people, for the monumental amount of money i've paid. I do not bother others around me, i'm quiet, and I usually pay my bills on time. But time and again, your office staff at woodside terrace has messed with me, and i'm sick of it. For example, on the weekend I moved in, I had a moving truck that I needed to park, along with my minivan. I parked the truck in my driveway and there was no room left for my minivan, so I had to park that on the street. (note the pictures of my yard, my minivan was parked right behind where this contractor truck is parked in the picture i've uploaded) this was literally overnight. The next day, I returned the truck. And when I came home, there was a notice on my door, warning me that if I parked on the street ever again that I would have my vehicle towed. And just to pound in my point, people are parked in the street right now! Including one of your office workers that lives just three mobiles down from me. I am willing to put money on them never receiving any such notice for parking on the street.
My desired resolution would be to have your office staff treat me with respect, paramount to the amount of money i've given you. I'd like for them to tell contractors and vendors to stay off my lawn and out of my yard when they are doing their work, because for the amount of money I pay to live here, I shouldn't have to 'share' my yard with anyone else! I'd like for there to be clear and concise rules about the water utility bill, and for the office staff to stick with one tactic of collecting, and not change it 1.5 years down the line, specifically to collect a 100% late fee they were never entitled to in the first place. I'd like fairness, and objectivity when I talk to these people, but I never receive it! Your office staff is always rude to me, and I fail to see how you can justify that!

I have photos of the contractors in my yard. I do not have a scanner to upload the letter they sent to me.

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Aug 31, 2017

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