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Ocala, FL, United States

Yesterday, june 8, 2017 my husband and I went to the manager's office at fairfield village in ocala florida. The manager dave o'donnell was in the office doing what ever he does. My husband had worked opening and closing the clubhouse for a week for dan ford who in the maintenance person while dan was on vacation. My husband was told he would receive a gift card for his service. When we stopped at the office to pick up the gift card, dave said well hr doesn't want to pay you that way. This upset my husband because that was not what was agreed on before he said he would open/close for dan. While my husband was filling out the paper work to be paid for his services, I asked dave when he was going to write a compliance letter to the owner of the home up the street about their ripped up screens on their lanai. Dave said there was work being done all week on this house. I told him he had the wrong house, that it was the one across the street. He said he had not see that issue. I said to him, "you can't miss it!" he said, "he had had about enough from you two." I am a homeowner in fairfield village, have previously managed fairfield village and never have talked to a homeowner like that in the 4 years I managed. (2 years with my husband and 2 years by myself). We try to stay out of the managers business, but this manager dave o'donnell is something else. We never see him in the community checking on the condition of homes and property. He sends his maintenance person, dan ford out to do those things. This is the job of the manager. Cars are parked on the grass, carports are full of clutter, torn lanai screens, lawns that need mowing, shrubs need trimming, etc. The back entrance of the clubhouse is frightful. The small amount of grass there and at the side of the clubhouse on the way to the pool is nothing but weeds. Dave is only interested in selling, after he makes the sale, he doesn't know you. There is a realtor that also sell in fairfield village and they have more listings than dave because very few people can tolerate him. As a matter of fact, I was sitting in the library yesterday and one of the realtors came in to talk to dave, and he flat out lied to the realtor about a sign issue. I thing dave needs some training in managing a community and respecting homeowners. I do not need to sign my name, ask dave, he will remember.

Jun 09, 2017

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