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Dear Karl,
My name is Till Chumbley-Williams and I am very unsatisfied with the treatment that I received in your local Dallas store near Royal Lane. I have never been treated so unfairly in any department store that I have entered. Let me first explain that I went to return a pair of pants that my husband bought me because we cancelled our trip to Colorado. Before I went to the store I called to see if I could return the pants because I had misplaced the receipt. I was advised by the Arlington store that I could return the pants but could not get any money back only store credit .I told the representative that was okay I will take the store credit and spend it later. I ended up going to the Royal lane store in Dallas because my mother and I shop every Saturday, Sunday, & Monday evening together at Neimans, Saks, Bergdorf Goodman, Nordstrom, Janie & Jack, Gymboree, Victoria Secret & TJ Maxx/Marshalls and we were leaving Nordstrom's at North Park Mall. I live 35 minutes from your Royal lane store. When I went to return the pants and explained the situation to Chuck he stated that due to not having a receipt that he could not return the pants. He asked what phone number did my husband use I explained that we don't use or give out phone numbers because of my profession. I work in the mortgage industry as an underwriter and some times I have reference homes to be foreclosed or sold and sometimes clients are very angry. Due to my name being so uncommon if you look me up on the internet it is only one Till Chumbley- Williams, so my husband I I try to avoid giving out our contact information to protect our family. He also stated that he only showed one pair sold to a different name and that the representative that sold the pants to my husband could have miskeyed the information and that may be why they are not pulling up. So I explained that I spoke to another store and was advised that I was unable to receive my money back only store credit. He then asked what store my husband bought them from? I explained that I was not with him when he made the purchase and then Chuck stated that it is at his discretion to do a return. My mother than stated to him that he is going to cost the company a lot of money by treating customers this way and trying to imply that someone stole merchandise. Just because I am African American I should not be stereotyped. Chuck acted very unprofessional by repeatedly stating that it's at my discretion to do the return and I am not doing it. I advised him that I would be contacting corporate because my husband and I are hard working individual that contribute a lot to society and it should not be this difficult to return a pair of pants. Chuck stated again the policy states that we do not have to return the pants its at my discretion. I told him I would never shop at this store again due to the treatment I received. He just stared at me with a smug look on his face then when my mother purchased her shoes he stared as though she did not have the funds to do so. Your representative at your store acted as though we could not afford to buy anything from the store. I went to another store that day and returned the pants without a problem and just explained the situation about us cancelling our trip. I am very upset by the treatment I received and I feel that Chuck needs to learn what good customer service is. If he truly would have listened to what I explained about why we do not give out our contact information then he would have understood. Instead of pre-judging me. I know if he has did this to me how many other African Americans has he pre-judged based on his perception? And how many other clients have decided not to shop at Sun and Ski do to a situation like this?

If this email is not addressed within the next week I will then go to the media. My direct contact phone number is [protected] . It is urgent that Chuck is addressed and I will not stop notifying clients of Sun and Ski to advise them of the poor service that was received by your staff and management as well. This is my second attempt to contact you the first was sent on 11/19/2012 and I have yet to receive a response. I will start by blogging on the internet, better business bureau, then to the news. I feel that I have been more than patient with Sun and Ski . And that you are sending off the message that a Clients experience in your store is unimportant. A customers experience in your store if you can help it should always be pleasant and it is important to treat others how you want to be treated. If Chuck was not going to do my return he should have also not done the gentlemen's return behind me who was a white mail that did not have a receipt as well. We are all equal and should be treated as such.


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