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First off ladies don't waste you're time on this man going to the site his link is
He gave me two different names and I found out the second was true said he booked me a train because i dont like flying and I ended up on a bus. This man said he would take me shopping, buy me a new phone and we would do fun things while I was in GA. I did nothing he was a complete lie and a fake. First off he isnt a sugar daddy and lives with his mother in a beat up truck and he didnt buy me anything at all I had to pay for my own dinner! He was pushing for me to stay longer and I think it was because he didnt have the cash to send me back he never bought me a roundtrip just a one way his mommy probably paid my way back. If you see this guy run! Another thing this whole website is a scam if you sign up and pay with you're debt card or credit card BEWARE they will keep charging you even if you cancel! Another I have not met one real sugar daddy this site is horrible and they dont care! I have reported this man to them and yet they did nothing they leave the scams on the website and dont make sure that they are real sugar daddys! Another those people you see that brag how great it is...I found out they get paid to do so! I have found another sugar daddy website which is waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy better than this one there are no real sugar daddys on here at all so dont waste you're time. Below is a picture of Craig who claims to work for the hilton who scammed me!!!

Feb 23, 2013

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