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Subway / worst job ever

Al Apr 24, 2014
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This has been the worst job I ever had, the manager here yulia g. Is disrespectful, selfish and rude towards the employees, when I first was hired I informed her that I was starting school and I will not be able to work mondays and wednesdays. I turned in my two week notice on april 15th 2014. The schedule of 4/16-4/22 she had scheduled me on monday and wednesday. I called on april 15th on the store phone and told her that I cant monday and wednesdays because I have school and that another coworker was filling in for me on that wednesday and she said to me that she thought I was out of school and I reconfirmed with her that I was not. The next schedule for 4/23-4/29 was posted, it was the same exact schedule as the one last week of 4/16-4/22. I confronted her again today asking why the schedule the way it was. She then said that she made that schedule two weeks ago, when the schedule says on the bottom it was just made last week on 4/16, she then said she didn t know and I did no inform her. I sensed that she was upset and she started “mistakenly” bumping into me and on line as I was getting a sub roll for a customer out the bread cabinet she took the door and slammed it. My original date to finish subway was april 28th, today I have made it my last day, the time I have been working there she has been a horrible manager, she does not help on the line unless corporate is there and she will sit in the back on her phone. When I turned in my two week notice she told everyone in the store, which I thought was supposed to be confidential. I feel that she needs to be evaluated because she does not respect her employees and she takes her personal feelings about you and cuts your hours for no reason that relates to the job. There have been many times where she has left rude notes in the store for us to read and even has called a few employees using profanity. Overall this job been the worst job I ever had I have been told by other employees and managers at subway that I am a great worker and for 7.75 I don't deserve this kind of treatment from anyone, especially a manager.

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