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i was verbally abused with profanities by the owner George Law and his employees. he tried to over charge me for food services and then proceeded to call me a liar. after a brief argument over how i ordered my food and the changes in prices, i told George i was no longer interested in the food. George then swore at me with words i wont repeat while a female employee was standing behind him giving me the finger. I told George the number one rule in the restaurant industry is the customer is always right. at that point George swore at me again so i asked for his name and the name of the woman employee standing there giving me the finger. George would not give her name but did say he was the owner and that there is nobody i can complain to. George stated his name was on the wall on a plaque. i looked at the plaque and that is how i found out his name. i left in peace and came home to write this complaint.
this type of service is uncalled for and unacceptable. service like this gives the subway chain a bad name. service like this leaves a hard working man who was just looking for a fresh and affordable meal after a long hard days work, hungry. this service is unacceptable and i would expect this matter would be looked into and actions taken against a cruel and unworthy owner of a food service business.

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      Aug 10, 2011

    That rule is not absolute. Customers are not always right; there is no law saying that customers are always right. That statement was an advertising slogan of a company. Apart from that, that service sounds absolutely reprehensible. I would strongly suggest that you write a letter to the Subway corporate office. Even though George is a franshisee, he is still accountable to the parent company. When you write the letter, make sure you capitalise the beginning of sentences.

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      Aug 10, 2011

    I would like to hear more about the disagreement you had over the order. I would like to know what you ordered, what you thought you should have been charged and what they tried to charge you. I'm also interested in how the incident escalated from a disagreement over a five dollar sandwich to a business owner thinking he needs to curse at you to get his point across.

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