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Subway / welcome to america, now speak english!

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This subway is close to my job so my co-workers and I were pretty much regulars here. Not anymore though. I went once and ordered a BLT, and since 3 people were waiting on my order who all did not speak sufficient English I didn't notice the lack of LT. I came back with a B. No LT. Just bread and bacon. Seriously? Every time they slack on ingredients, no one speaks English well. Or at all for that matter. I moved here from another country, learned the language and adjusted, now please do everyone a favor and do the same!

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  • Pa
      10th of Apr, 2012

    You are so right. Once I called HSBC bank and I could not understand their English. I asked for a person who speaks English and they told me that they were speaking in English. I told them it was not the type of English I understand and they finally put on a different person. When I was in grammar school in Bronx, NY back in the early 70's, some kids came for other countries and didn't speak English at all. They were taught separately in the back of the room with a teacher's aid. In a few months they were speaking perfect English. Now they have bi-lingual classes to cater to their needs. They will never learn the language that way.

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  • Ma
      10th of Apr, 2012

    I don't understand. Whenever I go to Subway, I watch while they make my sandwich, since they ask what veggies and condiments I want. I have never seen a customer order and walk away from the counter while their sandwich was being prepared. this being my experience, I must ask, did you watch them put your sandwich together, and if so, did you not notice when they failed to put the LT on your BLT?

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  • Ky
      22nd of May, 2012

    This is partially your fault. You tell them what you want on it, and WATCH them make it. Also, a BLT doesn't have to have Lettuce and Tomato at Subway. It's called a BLT because the only meat on it is bacon. You choose what veggies you want on it. Granted if you wanted "the basics" they should have put only lettuce and tomato on it, but you should have been there when they were making it.

    This is a little different if it was a call-in order. In that case you should make sure that they know exactly what you want on it. They might make a mistake, or you might forget to mention it.

    I personally work with Phillopinoes at my store and some people do complain, but from what I have gather it is only the people who have trouble understand THEM who complain, because they get frustrated with their accent. Also, people need to learn to speak up when visiting Subway. The toasters and ovens are very noisey so it can be difficult to hear the customer at times.

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  • Su
      28th of May, 2012

    For your information, all of the sandwiches at subway are open-ended. Meaning, YOU CHOOSE WHAT YOU PUT ON THE SANDWICH.
    Were you watching them as they made your sandwich? Did you explicitly say you would like to add lettuce and tomato?

    If you didn't, I would highly suggest preening your own communication skills. Don't blame an employee working a ### minimum-wage job to support his or her family.

    shame on you.

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