Subway / bad service and rude employees.

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Along with my doughters and my 2 moth old baby, we stop for a bite at Subway Restaurant on Congress.
As I was getting my kids out of the car, one of the employes with very bad hygiene steped out of and yelled "If you want service your ganna haveto wait 20 to 45 munites!" and shut the door. I went in anyway, just to see what was going on and what was making her be so rude. AsI walked in I saw a her talking on the phone, and the other two workers sitting down as well. I sat there and thought "hey maybe any second now there going to tell me nicely 'sorry ma'm no service available at this moment' " but I was wrong. They just sat there while we stood by the counter like idiots for 30 minutes! I recomend not to go there with the family. Very rude employees, bad maintenance of the Restaurant.

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  • Eo
      Aug 23, 2009

    I don't understand why you waited that long without even asking what the problem was. It definitely sounds like they ran out of bread; That happened at the Subway I worked at once or twice, and it is a very stressful situation since it takes at least 1.5 hours to bake just 24 pieces of bread. Ideally, the employees would have volunteered that information at the beginning, but if they knew you heard their message and saw you come inside and wait silently, they probably assumed you didn't care for an explanation and wanted Subway bad enough to wait the 45 minutes.

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  • Ne
      Aug 30, 2009

    Eo925s::NonnieMous:;I have never worked at a Subway, And I do not know that. They HAVE to atleast let the costumer know that they are running out of bread. Because a person goes in there hungry and waits to recive good costumer service. and the only thing that I recived was a really grumpy and dirty manager talking on the phone. I sat next to her to be able to see her and to KNOW that she had BAD HYGINE. And she was on a PERSONAL PHONE CALL using her Cell Phone. DO you belive that she was ordering bread?? Yeah. I dont think so. My daughters LOVE subway and they were the ones that encoraged me to go in there. And let me just say I am never going back there. That was a really bad experience. I really dont care you think. I kow my experience and you dont.

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  • Eo
      Aug 31, 2009

    Based on your account, it sounds as if you want to justify your experience by attributing it wholly to bad employees instead of considering any situational conditions that prevented them from providing you with service. I don't know if they ran out of bread either, but something went wrong, and they do not have any obligation to share that information with you. You were informed that you would not receive service, yet you " stood by the counter like idiots for 30 minutes!" and have the nerve to blame THEM for it.

    ..and if the employees are unable to wait on people, what else did you expect them to be doing during that time? Picking up food for customers from other places? Standing quietly behind the counter, hands at there sides? Maybe entertaining you with a song and dance? Sitting in the lobby waiting for the situation to be worked out sounds like a much more reasonable answer.

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  • Oh
      Mar 12, 2010

    "Maybe entertaining you with a song and dance" LOL I love you eo925s!!!

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  • Go
      Aug 03, 2011

    I grab a foot long sub from subway on Governor's Hwy in Homewood, Illinois for my wife. When I give it to her, she notices stains on the wrapper unlike any from an oil or sauce. It was Dried Blood!!!...Thank God she noticed it before eating it. I return the food to subway and showed the manager the stains. I asked the manager named Michelle, if she could give me one of the wrappers so I can do show a lawyer or doctor. Michelle quickly throws the wrappers in the garbage can and denied getting them out for me. I looked at her with a blank stare. That's just what I do. I said to her some one else has this blood on their wrapper and won't notice it. Would you believe this heffa called the police ?...I stayed in the subway and waited for the cops to come. If I left, then I'm running away...#science#...explained the situation to them and they tell me I'm banned from subway.If I come back, then they will arrest me...fin

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  • Xa
      Aug 18, 2011

    Those employees are angry alot. One dropped my sub while taking it out of the toaster, and tried to get me to pay for it. Of course I didn't and she also called the police and I was banned from that place. She got fired after I sent subway a complaint so I didn't care. Also, at another, a lady was making my sub then she looked at the clock and left. There I am looking at a half made sub sitting there, while I watch her through the window drive off.

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