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      Mar 09, 2012

    I've been given a green light by Strategic recently so i thought I would browse the internet a bit and see what people have to say about them. Well I'm sure that you all know it isn't exactly good out there as far as opinions on Strategic go. In another way the last message on here by Ann does strike a chord with me. I'm not really looking to make money off of my work right now (sure it would be a bonus) the biggest dream I have is to hold my own book in my hands. So who knows. Time to ponder it all.

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  • El
      May 10, 2012

    Never ever I will work again with Strategic Book Publisher. They drive me crazy for 6 month. 6 times I was asking change my name. They can not print like I was asking them. I sent pic of already print example, but they did different - like a calendar. And they put together first cover and flyleaf but it must be back cover. They for 6 month could't understand that it must be hard cover, they want make soft. And many many other things. And they don't return money back. They say - Sorry that we can't make how you need, but we will not return money because we did a work... now I spoke with other publisher and they do the same. They want money today, now, the same second, if you don't have then find them TODAY... I think it is not normal. Example of cover.
    If you want find some information about publishers find first Victoria Strauss. She have a blog and internet page, how to protect self from bad publishers. Shame I found her late.
    Eleonora Shah

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  • Ja
      Feb 25, 2013

    I signed a contract with SBPRA in July of 2012. They offered the services of an editor to read my book for a fee. I thought it sounded like a good investment and sent my check for $200. The "editor" who supposedly proofread my book had an Indian name and evidently did not understand English punctuation. He made no recommendations for content, but re-wrote a number of paragraphs with ridiculously wrong punctuation. It turned out that I was the one proofreading his suggestions in order to correct all of his mistakes! The book has been published, with wonderfully creative cover art; I was delighted with that. Now I have been asked to sign up for participation in book fairs scheduled in 17 different countries for the rest of 2013. I have e-mailed several questions about the book fairs, including a request for a list of the 17 countries. I was thanked for my questions and told that I would receive a reply in 2 or 3 days. Participation in the book fair option costs $1, 000, and the deadline is February 28th. I am still waiting for a reply to my questions. Right now I am thinking NO.

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  • Th
      May 11, 2013

    I should write a book about the last two years of living with Suzann Durrette (who works for Robert). Needless to say after witnessing Miss Durrette working and answering the phone to customers while intoxicated several times with her massive alcohol problem, in addition to her being a sociopath, putting me in the hospital twice with physical assault, driving intoxicated regularly, a liar and a cheater. And I just caught Suzann Durrette cheating on me with a 26 year old and has been for over 3 months (Suzann is 47 years old), and hasn’t paid state and federal income tax since the start date of her employment (which she is being reported to the IRS).

    So it doesn’t surprise me why she works for this Robert M. Fletcher.

    And the tax fraud that she is does accounting and book orders with Strategic Book Group and she has to attend for questioning Tuesday in Port Aransas TX in regards of this lawsuit against Robert M. Fletcher and his many alias business names.

    I would recommend staying away from this company.

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  • Yb
      Apr 12, 2014

    3, 856 books promoted on, published by Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co.
    Here's the search link, or you can do the search (using the "advanced search" on yourself:

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  • Pm
      May 23, 2014

    I too published a novel with SBP. I also signed up to have it marketed in a variety of ways, throughout many countries, including China and India. I wasn't sure about China, for the obvious reason of a language barrier, but I figured I might "wow" them in India; at least, I could count on many English speakers. But guess what? Despite all the money I paid this outfit, my sales came to less than a dozen. And they didn't even pay me for them! I'm left with a novel with a nice cover and a decent story, and I don't have one earned dime to show for it. This outfit is operated for crooks and by a bunch of slick con artists. I haven yet figured out what, if anything, can be done about, but one thing is for certain -- it damn sure pays to do your homework! I should have checked this company out, before I did anything. For what it's worth to anyone else, don't make the same mistake. Always check first!

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