Straight Talkthey still refuse to refund money,

Al Jan 10, 2015 Osceola

okay, so I had two accounts, under two different email accounts, two different cell phones and so I accidentally put time on the wrong account. These straight talk people decide well so, we don't safe guard against having duplicate accounts by making sure that names, address, and birth-dates aren't the same so they can keep money's that isn't really theirs to keep. Then when I called customer service they are so great at deflecting, and saying the same tune' sorry it is against our policy to refund money, ' Well here is what I say to them, if I were charged twice for the same straight talk card at a Walmart register. I would talk the receipt to the register and get a refund. So, now I am going to check out Target deals, and if I can't find any of those, well then, I will just go to Verizon or t- Mobil and sign up for a contract cell. Even though I never wanted a contract phone.

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