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Stoney Fork Paso Fino Farm / Selling Fraudulent material on internet (DVD)

New Bern, NC, United States Review updated:
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I purchased a DVD that was advertised as training to ride Paso Fino Horses on their web site.

It was an amatuerish pice of junk that is worthless.

I was lied to several times by Deborah Goldman as to when it would ship - had to get PayPal involved before they shipped it.

When it arrived I immediately asked for a reund ($140.00) which they refused.

The DVD is not what is advertised .

These people are not honest - buyer beware.


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  5th of May, 2009
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Stoney Fork Paso Fino has sold us two videos as we find then very helpful. They would refund if you are not satisfied just contact them. We have nothing but great things to say about their videos. We have advised them to let their attorneys know about this slanderous report.

Linda, New York
  5th of May, 2009
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I have purchased one of the videos and I found it very informative. This video was one hour long. I enjoyed the video. This video was not a professionally produced, as I was informed, but it was very helpful to learn how to train a paso fino horse. The video was not $140, either.

I have been a satisfied customer of the Goldman's and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Mary, North Carolina
  5th of May, 2009
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We did not sell videos for $140.00 in 2004 CAN you produce a receipt, we sold videos in 2004 for $59.00 and todate they only sell for $99.00 whcih are improved. As we state when selling our videos we are not a johnny lyons $600.00 video production, we make these here on the farm to9 helpthose new to the paso fino brred which shows tacking up, riding in gaits, prpoblem solving and starting a new paso under saddle. Our intentions are merely to help the public, we could have made a commercial video and the chages woulod be $500.00 to $600.00 as many do, we just wanted to help the breed and owners out. We are sorry you are uphappy with the video you could return for the purchase price without shipping.
Thank you,
Deborah Goldman
Stoney Fork Paso Fino Farms
CC: Don Black Attorney at Law
  14th of May, 2009
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After receiving your email we checked through our files and have not even sold you a video at least in the town you stated. As I mentioned earlier these videos are refundable if unopened and if you purchased this is the year 2004 it would have been $59.00. Provide proof and your full name so that we can get this matter cleared up. If you are not willing then this posting should be removed.
  26th of Aug, 2009
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I can provide copird of the email stating they found my invoice and that the DVD I received must have been one that was in production and not the finished version. because Deborah wasn't feeling well.

Refund my money as I asked and I will remove the complaint - until them others need to be warned about you folks.

I sent a request through paypal for payment, listing the otiginal patment to you in August of 2008 in the amout of $139.00 ( your right, it wasn't 140.00)
  22nd of Jun, 2013
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Debroah gold is a liar. she steals. STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!!
Debroah goldman is not her real name she is also known as monica lomas. debbie rodgers. donna sparks and several others. you have been warned. I have called on more than one occasion to have her refund my money and she claims she has but its been lost in the mail or was sent to the wrong address everytime its another excuse.
  24th of Apr, 2017
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You guys have no business with paso fino horses. I have the video, they never said it would be a big production only to help riders, which is does. If it were a big production type video you would have paid $800.00+ like Johnny Lyons which doesn't complete for 12 hours. I am happy with my horses and services.

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