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I submitted my order at Stone Caster Studio (SCS) early April in 2016 for two corner rock molds and four flat stone molds in a style they dubbed ‘Craftsman Quick Fit’, totaling $522.35. I was sold on the idea that these were professional grade molds — their website mentions that the "molds will last for years of daily use." After placing this order, I received the molds in a timely manner but the molds were completely different from what I was sold, they were not 100% Latex and had an untreated pine wood frame. I contacted the company and they issued an apology mentioning this was meant for a different client — I think it’s interesting to note that the order contained four molds of flats and two corner molds of the same stone type, and same quantity (not same total square footage), it begged to question the authenticity of this 'mistake'.

After I called the company and expressed my concerns about these molds, Shawn mentioned it was 'upgraded', but once again was not meant for my order. I expressed my concerns with their molds and the quality, or lack thereof. After some talks, the owner mentioned that the new molds come with a wood frame because the original molds had issues with uneven sides, at this point I was somewhat worried, so I asked if I can revise my order and get a mold that had small, single stones, that I can stack them like natural veneer. This solution would make any deformations simply appear natural. Shawn seemed glad to help and mentioned it would not be a problem! On top of that, after requesting a return label, he insisted on me keeping the molds I had just revived due to the mistake on his part. [P.S. The molds disintegrated after two uses and still have one brand new untouched mold to prove its lack of quality once/if this goes to court].

I thought this was a done deal, Shawn's on it. Fast forward two months to late June, I finally get replacement molds. Once again they are incorrect. The forms, instead of being individual pieces as requested and promised, are molded as ‘clusters’ (a handful of stones in a single mold cavity) and a few single stones as the mold should have been in the first place. To clear this up, SCSs’ theory is that the clusters would be placed among the single stones, the issue with this is that the molds are so thin and flimsy — roughly the thickness of 5-10 sheets of paper, or a standard business card — that the weight of the concrete would severely warp anything that I cast, making installation after casting simply impossible. I contacted SCS online and even his representative, Jessie, immediately noticed the issue. This is where everything went downhill. It would take upwards of a week to get any responses, and it seemed that they had just stopped caring, that is, up until I finally conceded and filed to go to county court. I called the Nevada State Secretary's office and was told to ask if they would compensate me within 30 days, which I did. Shawn was not pleased. He mentioned some questionable things in our email chain questioning my legitimacy as a customer and pleaded that I got all these ‘free’ molds and am still complaining. Who knows, maybe he assumed that a $520 check endorsed by me just fell from the sky.

After receiving three molds a month and a half later, half of the square footage I was supposed to receive, they finally are just as they should have been. Single stones, all latex, etc. I have yet to use these molds as they are still incredibly thin, light, flimsy, and I know the quality of stone I get is simply not worth my time or energy, but I agreed to just settle this. Shawn mentioned the other three would be sent once I ‘confirm’ they are correct. I emailed him back with a spirited, but professionally respectful response after he accused me of trying to extort him on the same email. This was the last I have ever heard from Shawn, Jessie, Stone Caster Studio. I don’t have my three other molds that I am missing to complete my order, I have no options for reimbursement because they ONLY accept Cashier’s checks [Red Flag Right Away].

Now, I read other negative reviews, but I always support small business before the big companies, and Shawn seemed like a really nice guy. But, I just wanted to include some of his exact quotes from our email chain, you may judge his decency and character for yourself — his words are in quotes along with how I feel about his comments:

• "understand it has cost us a lot of money to try to satisfy your order."
Yes, because you got it wrong twice, who's fault is that?

• "you have gotten more molds you have paid for."
Yes, none of which are usable, as described, and I have offered to send them back numerous times.

•"Did you tell the SOS office that you already received more than you paid for? Did you inform them that we let you keep the molds as well? Bet not."
Yes, I did infarct tell them; Yes, they know I got to keep the unusable yard decorations; Yes, I also informed them that none of them are ad described nor are remotely what I had ordered; I appreciate the little 'Bet Not.' at the end, thanks for assuming the best in people

•"need to make sure that you are not pulling a fast one on us by constantly complaining"
Need to make sure you're not pulling a fast one by constantly regretting my emails.

•"I'm pretty sure you are legit but you have said some things that make me think twice."
After all of this headache with your company, there is one thing I know for sure that's not 'legit' here.

Feb 01, 2017

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