Ster-Kinekor / service/food/lack of assistance

Hi, we went to eastgate premier on 26 may to watch the new star wars movie, which we were very excited to see. Unfortunately our experience at the cinema was dreadful and I am afraid to say I don't think I will pay so much money again to get a mediocre service which I could've received if I had bought normal tickets.

Firstly your system was offline which resulted in us having to go and draw cash to pay for the meal that we wanted to order. We were attended to after sitting in the waiting/reception area for 20 minutes, with on other people being in the room. We told the lady what we wanted and that we wanted it when we sat down in the cinema so that we could enjoy it when the previews of new movies started. We told her that we had cash to pay so she took the money. She came back 10 minutes later with our drinks after we told her we wanted our food and drinks once we were inside and settled. She then took the drinks back and gave us our money back and said we must pay when we get our food inside. Very confusing.

Then she came and said that the chicken platter was not available and we needed to order something else, which we did. We ordered the executive platter and were highly disgusted by the size of the platter. This was definitely not worth r162.00. We could've had 2 decent sized hamburgers and chips somewhere else for that price and it would've been so much better. The quality of the food was really disgusting and we only received our food, after I went out to find out where it was, 45 minutes into the movie. We were extremely angry and frustrated, as we had paid for a premier service.

The lady then took our money and said we had to fetch the change after the movie. When we went to fetch our change, nobody knew about it, and eventually someone said, oh just give it to them.

I am very angry and disappointed by the whole situation and will not, will not, book again or promote the experience to anyone I know.

Jun 06, 2018

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