Ster-Kinekoropening late

Sunday 14 May my children took me to Ster Kinekor Mal at Carnival to watch the 9:00 show, as a treat for Mothersday. We arrived at 8:40 as movie starting time is 9:00. The shutter door was 1/3 open. My son went in to enquiry when they will open as we need to buy refreshments before the movie start at 9:00. Employee told him there is trailers the movie only starts at about 9:10. The door was opened at 9:07. My children went to the kiosk and I went straight to the theatre. As I sat down the main attraction was already showing. My son went out to the lady who check the tickets to complain, she shrugged and said there is nothing they can do.
Sorry not good enough for me. Obviously a crucial introduction to the story was missed, and our day spoiled.

May 14, 2017

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