Ster-Kinekor / extremely bad customer service on a continuous basis

Durban, South Africa
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Good morning, My husband and I are SK club members and frequent your Musgrave Branch, Durban on a regular basis. We have 2 issues:
1. There are always long queue's to get refreshments and can sometimes take up to 25 minutes! Often the staff have to keep running to get lids for the cool drinks or buckets for the pop corn. They never seem organised and at peak times there are never enough staff on duty either?? When have complained to management on a few occasions but nothing ever seems to change?? On the few occasions that we have gone to Gateway the system seems to run much smoother.
2. The other issue is that the movies do not seem to change very frequently either. The same movie shows for weeks on end?? Very frustrating!!!

May 9, 2017

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