Ster-Kinekor / cinema experience

Vereeniging, ZA
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We watched Rock Dog at River Square. We encountered the following problems:
1. All ligths inside the cinema were off when we entered 5 minutes before the movie starting time. It was pitch dark and with your hands full handling the popcorn and the kids' popcorn it was quite a challenge to find our seats which were...
2. Not there. The dirst seat that we were meant to sit on was missing - yes just one open dirty space with holes in the ground where there used to be a seat.
3. No aircon...
4. We had 5/6 teens sitting in the back row throwing popcorn and pieces of ice at us... my daughter got hit time and again and eventually we had to get a staff member to warn them to stop their nonsense.

All in all a night out really turned into the worse possible experience I have ever had. I will never watch a movie at this cinema again.

Apr 03, 2017

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