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Stephen R Grace & Joann Grace Fraud / Scam Beware!! / Stephen R Grace & Joann Grace Fraud / Scam Beware!!

1 AR, United States

Stephen R Grace – Stephen R Grace Beware of Stephen R and Joann Grace. Scam, Fraud. Claims to have billion dollar inheritance from Grand father Mervin Pico who died in June 2006. Claims his billion were from a Trust Jonesboro, Arkansas

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Beware of Stephen and Joann Grace. Scam, Fraud. Claims to have billion dollar inheritance from Grand father Mervin Pico who died in June 2006. Claims his billion were from a Trust. After partnering with you in potenial business opportunities, contracting on Real Estate and other ventures one soon sees that closing on anything gets delayed waiting on funding from his trust. Week after week delays and then you request questions of proof of the trust or any validation and then comes the story of his grandfather Pico being the head of the Mob. They claim others usually high profile people in your local zone were additionally in mob and that those people have control over his trust inheritance as a result of directions form the Pico Trust and then the battles begin. Always claims the cash will be there the nest day and so on and all he and his wife do is make this unbelievable story worthy of a movie that ones in the mob have their cash and will not give it up unless he takes over the position of the mob and is required to do horrendous things. If not settle out for millions not billions! Oh by the way he claims he owns 8 houses on St George Island in Florida a percentage of the Dodgers and greatest yet part of Lions King movies amongst many other things. Said grandfather Pico who was only known to his family as a truck driver to the day he died orchestrated the assassination of Kennedy and that is how he became head of mob. Claims there is a bank vault over in Memphis TN. at First TN Bank that has all the info about all the mob has done. He is labeled as a pathological liar and a Sociopath. Beware of the wife Joann. Will tell you anything to believe in what they are going through. Ones have constantly asked what was the end game for them and it is simple but a twisted understanding. Being a sociopath, the only thing he gains is the position of being in control. He will tell you anything to get you to believe he is going to do for you what he says. Usually that is gifts of cash from inheritance for helping them while they wait on the cash be it buying into your business or helping you out because you feel compelled to help them seeing and hearing what they are going through trying to get their monies. Problem is he constantly feels as if the gift he is giving you is far greater than you buying groceries for them or helping finically as a friend. He will let you act on your signed contract or agreed business deal and watch you go out and contract with others based on your agreement with him knowing all along that he will never come through on his end so you cannot make good on what you contract with others. I figure if he were to say “I would hold off and contracting with others until I have my cash” that would create a bit of doubt in him and he never wants that so he lets you go on and bank on your deal or contracts and just sets back on watches your deal fall apart. He then is constantly there to save the day by saying “I will be closing next week and all this will be over” Never closes next week and it starts all over for a second time with lies. The gross end result is he never gets his cash and there is no trust or inheritance and Pico the grandfather was never in the mob all lies. He must be stopped and as of this day 10-22-10 he has 3 warrants out for his arrest in Arkansas. You may call me at [protected] and will tell you all he has done. He has hurt and left many financially destroyed for over 5 years. He moves around like a pack gypsies. His last stunt knowing he was to be arrested was to check himself into the local hospital for a nervous breakdown and then be moved over to Midsouth health a mental evaluation hospital to hide from being arrested. 3 weeks later he checks himself out after his wife, mother and daughter moved out of a townhome in Jonesboro AR and disappears to then be found the week of 10-15-10 in Ontario California living with an Aunt telling lies for a second time on why they are moving. The second mystery in all this is his mother is there the whole time. Sharon. Why did she not ever stop he and Joann from all the lies and bad stories of her own father Pico. Is she threatened? Original Source:

Stephen Grace - Joann Grace-Scam, Fraud Complaints - Scam, Liar, Fraud
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Stephen Grace - Joann Grace-Scam, Fraud
Posted: 2010-10-29 by Michael Nelson

Scam, Liar, Fraud

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California, Arkansas
United States

Stephen Grace of Arkansas on the run with his wife Joann has outstanding warrants for his arrest from Lonoke and Craighead Counties in Arkansas. He is on probation for past arrest for check fraud and theft related charges. He was not supposed to leave the state of Arkansas.
If you know where he is, please call the Sheriffs Roberson's office in Lonoke County [protected]. Beware of Joann his wife. She is part of their fraud and scam and talks as much as Stephen.
It is my understanding from a call yesterday he is up to his same fraud related activity in Ontario or Fontana California. He claims he has 11 million in an account and is trying to buy a 1.3 million dollar house. Claims he sold 5 houses on 10 acres in Arkansas and owned a Carpet and Tile floor business he sold in Arkansas as well.
All not true. Even showed pictures of the houses he sold. All false pictures as he never owned houses on Arkansas!!!
Showed the seller of the home a bank statement showing he had 11 million they claim. Problem was the seller’s attorney wanted to know why he did not put an earnest money check down with 11 million in an account.
Same song and dance story as in Arkansas. Do not believe him or Joann. He probably created a false bank statement for the 11 million. Proof is what king of buyer shows a potential seller of a home a bank statement to prove he has money?? That is how he avoids writing an earnest money check and most people are trusting by nature and that is who he and Joann preys on.
Thanks to this forum they Googled Stephen Grace and found out his skeletons in the closet form his past.

Stephen Grace-Joann Grace-Scam, Fraud, Liars Complaints - Beware of Cell Phone scam, fraud and liars
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Stephen Grace-Joann Grace-Scam, Fraud, Liars
Posted: 2010-10-29 by Michael Nelson

Beware of Cell Phone scam, fraud and liars

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California, Arkansas
United States

Cell Phone-Beware that Stephen Grace will work to make you believe he has real contacts to back up his stories to help prove what he is saying is real. Pay close attention to how he uses his cell phone. He will change numbers several times and be with you face to face while using a phone talking to the key people or persons he wants you to believe he has connections or business deals with. Our group in our town heard first hand his phone ring and his conversation taken place. Many times you would be with him and the phone rings and he would talk for several minutes or even carry out his frustration about the call in front of you. I witnessed a phone call supposedly between banks, lawyers and an IRS agent after a Billion dollar transfer was made a few days before and his phone rings to be added to a conference call. He goes through the whole conversation right in front of you so you must think it is all real. It is not. He has no one to buy in on his scam for there is no end game for others to participate. He uses the phone and it’s magic to receive these calls. There are many phone apps available to day such as "Fake My Call" that will allow you to prerecord a phone call and conversation by you and then have your own phone call you at a given time or hit the app and it call you then. Be very aware of this with him as he is one of the best actors I have ever seen to even cry on the phone or after a call that really never took place to make it believable. The cell phone use is the first thing besides lies and stories one already questions. He has figured out that making fake calls or talking in thin air as if to be talking with someone fools others listening. Its when his own daughters found out that calls one night he was to be making to central flying service asking for two planes to pick us up, over 12 calls and conversations in front of his kids and ours never took place. When his 15 year old daughter got his phone and saw that all 12 calls were aborted meaning he called them and then hung up and continued his call as if he was talking to that other person. So much detail in the conversation we heard on why the planes were delayed actually never happened and what you hear really is beyond belief. He is the master of all con-artist using a cell phone. Never trust what he says about any actions he is conducting while on the phone unless you hear the conversation first hand and know yourself who he is talking too and make yourself part of that conversation. I will assure you he will never let you do that and when you ask him to validate anything to you that really pisses him off.

Stephen R Grace & Joann Grace Fraud / Scam Beware!!

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