Steak 'n Shake Enterpriseslying about being closed and rude when I called the store

Ke Dec 10, 2018 Cora Springs

Just got out of work at 11pm, tired and starving I went to the closest fast food I could find that was open. Went through the drive thru and waited 5 minutes asking the if they were open. I drive to the window and see the employees goofing off. I called the store to ask if they were open and the response was no. I thought steak and shake was open 24/7? I asked if they were open 24/7 and the employee said not today and I responded with "why? what's the occasion?" The employee rudely hung up the phone without answering my question. I called a few minutes later and asked if I could get the manager or the district managers numbers but the employee said no, there's only corporate. So I asked for the corporates number and the employee told me to google it. I have never seen such laziness and irresponsible store in my life! I've put up with waiting almost an hour for a burger and a milkshake in the same location that I went to tonight but tonight is the last time I will be going to this location until the management or all the employees are change to better ones because right now it is the worst I have ever seen.

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