Steak 'n Shake Enterprises / employee failed to return a debit card

1459 capital circle NW, Tallahassee, FL, United States Review updated:

On Nov. 11 we went through the drive through in Tallahassee Fl, the employee failed to return the debit card which was not made aware to us until we got home which is almost two hours away. The complaint though is more to the length of time it took the steak&shake to correct the mistake. We were promised it would be mailed out ASAP, we had to call multiple times speaking with different managers who gave us different responses. Once was told it was mailed when it was not. The card finally arrived Nov 23. I have worked in customer service and understand mistakes happen, that was not so much the issue. The issue was how it was handled afterwards as this put a major constraint on our lives. I feel as though it should be made aware that the customer service given by the employees and managers failed below the average expectancy.

Dec 02, 2018
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  •   Dec 02, 2018

    “Employe me“ Uhh, in English please.

    Anyone with common sense knows to ask for their credit or debit card back when handed a receipt.

    They probably don’t keep stamps around the restaurant. Someone had to go to the post office to mail it back. But did they forget to give it back or did you forget to take it back?

    It’s easy to blame them when the error is yours. Debit cards are cash. It’s like you paid with a hundred dollar bill but didn’t get or take your change.

    Pay attention next time. If they didn’t return it, it’s your responsibility to ask for it.

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  •   Dec 04, 2018

    You drove off without your debit card? Sorry, that's your mistake.

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