Steak 'n Shake Enterprisesall of the above

I've given this establishment chance after chance for the last 12 months and it has disappointed me time and time again. I myself work in a restaurant and am not one to complain so it takes a lot for me to do this. Every time I drive through the system always manages to be down.. I just drove away because they refused to take my order. If you go to google and read the reviews for this location you can see for yourself. I once was told the system was down and when I drove off I saw another customer at the window being served. I've gotten into verbal arguments at the drive through as well, telling me I had to come in to place my order and they weren't taking orders at the drive through... and once stepping in the restaurant received nothing but attitude. Making me feel like a bother just trying to place my order. The food is great! The staff just needs a complete readjustment and to hire some people who actually want to be there. If I'm out looking for food I now cross this place off my list because I know for sure there will be a problem.

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