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Starving Students - Moving Services / Overbilling, failure to perform, damage to property, deceptive practices

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I have just discovered I have been another Starving Student victim. I wish I had looked at this site before using them. I have been in contact with management (Robert Barns and Darrin Dougan). My complaints include over billing, failure to perform, damage to property, failure to resolve disputes, code violations and deceptive practices. Intentional and negligent delays to increase billing, Bait and switch contracts at start of move. Charging more than the estimate. They also walked out with a box of my personal property and would not me look at it. they said it was theirs.

On or about 2-20-07 Starving Students perform a move leading to this complaint. The problems are too numerous to mention here. I see they have had 234 complaints with the Better Business Bureau. The Better Business Bureau gave them an "F" rating " the worst possible rating" and they warn the public about using them. I have correspondence detailing all of the issues. First I was given an estimate of $2,100.00 for 4 rooms. They ended up billing me $3,900.00. The lead mover stated he knows how to increase billing and should get a raise. He kept telling the movers to slow down the move to increase hours. They did this to make more movers necessary an I had to pay additional charges for the 2nd truck to get them to the site. One mover was in the bathroom doing drugs and left his drug paraphernalia there. After over 8 hours on 2 rooms were complete forcing us to abandon 2 rooms of property. Next the movers pointed out damage they caused to some of my property. We were also billed more hours than actual. The movers said they had turned on their gps so we may get over billed. The company has not been cooperative.

Resolution Sought: Management said the hours and billing would be adjusted and the property loss would be resolved promptly(this is a common problem with their movers). 5 months has gone by and the claim is still not resolved. I respectfully request the billing and hours be adjusted and the personal property loss be adjusted promptly. They charged $149.00 for property loss insurance at actual value and said if they pay for the damage they only want to pay the per pound weight. They declined mediation.

Date Problem Started: 02/20/2007

Date of Transaction: 02/20/2007

Amount in Dispute: In excess of $12500.00

Complaint Type: Gen. Service Issues

Product or Service:

If you have any questions regarding your complaint, please contact the Complaint Dept. at [protected] at The Better Business Bureau, The US dept. of Transportation. Cal PUC etc.

Thank you, Complaint Dept. BBB of the Southland, Inc.

  • Lily Stanley's Response, Feb 13, 2017

    Interesting. I have the same complaint.

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  • Ga
      10th of Dec, 2007
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    We used Starving Students to move from DC to nearby Maryland in August. It took 18 hours to complete what should have been no more than 8 hours and my husband and I provided the man (and woman) power. They sent 2 men when I asked for 3; sent a smaller-than-needed raggedy truck and by 4:30am were so tired they could not complete moving and had to store some things in the gargage until they finally sent someone to in October to finish the job. We filed a time dispute and cannot get anyone to return calls or respond to emails.

    Next step is a law suit and complaint to the better business bureau. Also, a complaint should be filed with the Labor Department. SS made their workers work until 4:40 am rather than let them stop at 10:oopm when they had finally finished loading the truck so they could return refreshed the next day. I am sure some fair labor standards were and consistently are violated. We shall soon see.

    Too bad because some of the folks they hire could really use the work.

  • Ci
      25th of Mar, 2008
    0 Votes

    I too was a victim of Starving Students unethical business practices. After paying them in full in cash and receiving poor service. I was charged twice, they also took payment without my knowledge from my credit card. I am still fighting them and they continue to bill me and now have sent it to a attorney to collect. In my opinion this is a dreadful company that should be out of business.

  • An
      18th of Sep, 2008
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    Starving Students does 50, 000 moves per year and merely 2% of our moves regrettably result in a claim. We are recommended by the California Moving and Storage Association, and have more than 35 years of experience in this industry. We are disappointed that you were not satisfied. Please contact our corporate office if you would like to pursue your complaint further and we would be happy to address your concerns.

  • Ba
      2nd of Jun, 2009
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    I was charged $95/hr and while they were moving my mattress they hit a sprinkler head on a 10ft tall ceiling and ruined it! The whole garage was flooded with water and the fire department had to come. I too got the $0.60/lb offer as well. After they ran away I noticed they broke a leg on my dresser mirror, dented my dresser and ripped my couch. I am in the process of filing a claim but after reading this I am not too confident! I'm so glad I hired movers and not my friends!

  • Jf
      22nd of Jan, 2010
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    I recently used Starving Students Moving. I selected Starving Students based on price and the expectations set with me by their scheduling representatives. My experience with Starving Students was different than the expectations I was led to believe. Their pricing was significantly higher both by how they represented when they start charging per hour and when they stop. Also, they added in additional fees. The overall price ended up being about 30% higher than it should have been based on the original expectations. By the way, my expectations were set and verified by 4 different scheduling representatives. I was surprised unfortunately.
    Also, they took little care in tracking dirt-mud into my two houses. At the destination house, I personally had to run around trying to cover floors and steps as they didn’t take the time nor did they have the supplies. When I move again, rest assured I will not use Starving Students.

  • Mo
      10th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    I feel like an idiot but I too am another victim. I went with them because I see their trucks everywhere and thought how bad can they be? I wish I had done more homework. After being quoted a price on the phone, it turned out to be almost three times that amount by the time I got my bill (and I didn't go over my two hour "minimum" requirement). In addition, they billed me for the workers' comp that they had used as a selling point in my conversation with them on the phone. When I finally got a response to my complaint (over a month later and after numerous phone calls and three emails) I was told by a woman that was more concerned with being snippy than with actually helping me that I should have read more carefully the fine print in the moving guide that was mailed to my house. Apparently it is impossible for the guy to remember everything over the phone -- things get missed (but that's now my problem, right?). Moreover, the service was slow; it took 15 minutes -- that I was billed for -- to fill out paperwork and debate as the driver tried to tell me it was a three hour minimum instead of a two hour minimum when he got there -- then another 20 minutes at least to move a couch out to my storage pod (they didn't even drive the stuff anywhere and 2 hours cost me almost $600). A total rip off and I wished I'd looked into more reviews. It was quite possibly the WORST experience I have ever had with a company, let alone movers.

  • Mr
      17th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    I had a HORRIFIC experience and I would caution ANYONE to stay far away!! I have used them before in the summer of 2007 and thought they did a fine job, and were very reasonably priced, so I tried again.

    In my error, I left my wedding rings out on a shelf. It was a hectic day and I didn't realize until 3 hours into the move they'd been left on the shelf. By the time I got to the room where they were, of course, they were gone. The movers did not move that shelf. No boxes were shuffled around or packed/unpacked in that room. The only people in my house that day were the movers, my mother, my husband, and me. When I questioned the movers, naturally, they denied fault. I filed a police report and contacted the claims department.

    Ok so I understand it's my word vs. theirs. I understand I have no proof. What I don't understand is how Melanie, the corporate claims adjuster, still has a job. She was absolutely rude over the phone. Raised her voice and told me to "stop accusing" her workers because I was offending her (EXCUSE ME?), and hung up on me! But the best part is that when I asked her if she had contacted the local Tempe branch (where my move was scheduled out of) to question the manager/movers she said no and that she hadn't planned to. What if this is a pattern of behavior from these men? They would never know because no one follows up on anything! Of COURSE they are going to steal my 2.5 karats worth of jewelry, they know they can get away with it because no one at this company trusts the customer or even cares that I am now missing jewelry that is completely priceless to me. What if my DVD player hadn't made it to my new house? Would I just have to go buy a new one? I think it is ludicrous to offer a service to a customer and blatantly refuse to follow up on problems. These people are thieves. They are rude and unhelpful. They are absolute cheats.

    Pay the extra money and use a company that won't steal your stuff. The $4700 worth of jewelry I lost sure wasn't worth my $750 move.

  • Li
      12th of Nov, 2018
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    Starving students snow removal - Snow removal
    Montreal quebec

    Sounded like a good cause. Contract was signed. Rarely shows up, and when does, does not complete the job as per the contract. Owner, Sam, never available and when I do finally speak to him, he lies. Avoid this person always. He also has a moving company. Do not go with him.

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