Stardollripping me off

Well to start I used Stardoll a lot as a kid. I had so much fun playing even thou I never paid for a membership. Recently maybe about a month ago I rejoined Stardoll to started replaying the the website and it was so much fun. I decided that I would try paying for a membership, a superstar membership is what they called it. Costing me around $35.00 for a 6 month membership I paid for it. My membership however did not pop up until I logged in and out twice from the account. Finally when my account was loaded all my money and my superstar status was uploaded! I was extremely happy... until i tried to purchase something.

POOF! My money was gone. Confused like anyone else would be, I logged back in and out to see if that would work but no my money was gone.COMPLETELY GONE!! Checking the transaction history on my account, Stardoll had made a "payment adjustment" taking away my money and refusing to give it back. I have tried contacting the company but they only say its my fault for giving out my password. I clearly did not give out my password they took my money from my account. I am very furious with the company and have been contacting them demanding a refund. They still will not and keep blaming me saying again I apparently gave out my password. Now this is just a rip off and it makes me wonder how many other girls are getting ripped off on this website.

Overall I suggest that if you let your child play, do not buy them a membership. You may get ripped off like I did.

Jan 11, 2015

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