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Star Vacation Club / This company is a fraud!

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It took me awhile to find this website, but I can detail the scam for you. You get a phone call telling you you have been awarded a prize, You can win an Escalade or 4 other things, but definitely get a prize. You have to call an 800-number to get details. I asked point blank "Do I have to sit for a presentation?" and was told emphatically "Oh, NO!" Once you get into the establishment (This one at 1415 W Guadalupe in Mesa, AZ) you sit in on a corny presentation with many others, then have a one-on-one with an associate who does his best to sign you up. There must be suckers roaming the world or these things wouldn't worth. I went just to see if it was the scam I thought it was. When he realized there was no way we were gointg to sign up, he gave us the scratch-off ticket and nobody in the room won the Escalade. I presume we all got the free vacation. The "FREE" vacation I chose wasn't free by any means: the $50 PER PERSON ticketing service fee AND hotel and airline taxes of approx $120 - $280 at confirmation (this is their verbage). The restrictions are incredible: must travel on a Tue or Wed, 3 preferred dates 60 days in advance for each, and automated reservation system. You'll never talk to a warm body. To those who comment that these complaints are about the gift and not Star Vacation: why would anybody sign up for this type of a service that is initially introduced as an award prize that we filled out some card for a long time ago (BIG LIE HERE) by a phone call to a number on the DO NOT CALL registry, be forced to sit for a presentation when told there would be no presentation to sit for, be given prize of a FREE vacation that is not free at all, at a company that is difficult to find listed anywhere? Doesn't sound like it would be a very good risk to me at all !!! If you decide to get sucked into this just for the prize--like I did--and out of sheer curiosity, take my advice if you want a truly free prize. DO NOT TAKE any "free: vacations. There's something like a free DVD player. It'll be a piece of junk, but the chance of it's being free is greater than anything else offered... Caveat Emptor. There's NO FREE LUNCH in this lifetime...


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A  19th of Jun, 2007 by 
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I am very glad to have found this webpage. I live in San Diego and just now received a call from this Star Vacation Club. It sounded suspicious to me from the beginning. As one of the postings pointed out I do not recall filling out any surveys and I too am on the National “Do not call list”. In order to win one of the 3 prizes I was supposed to answer if I was single, Married or cohabitating. If I was between the ages of 25 and 70 something and if my income was above or below $50,000 per year. Since I didn’t like the third question very much I answered I could not recall. I was then heavily pressured by the representative to answer that I made more than the 50K. I ended up not answering. Since she could not get that information I was told I needed to show up in person with my husband and 2 forms of ID. All the time telling me every 2 seconds it was all free and it didn’t required me to sign anything. The two forms of ID had to be either my drivers license or passport AND MY CREDIT CARD. I was not aware credit cards were considered forms of identification. She was also quick to remind me I must have my credit card with me. I was given a confirmation code and told to visit 12526 High Bluff Dr. Suite 260. San Diego, CA 92130 at either 4:00 pm, 6:00 pm or 8:00 pm. I was told the whole process of getting my scratch-off ticket and settle the getting of price would take about 1.5 hours. That I should get there 10 minutes early or I would not be admitted. No mention of the Presentation. At first I was told I had to go with my husband. When I told her I had to wait for him to come home and see what time was better for him I was told I could go without him. (She had previously told me no single men or women were allowed) All I had to do was to state I was single instead of married. “No one is going to verify that” she said. She also provided me with a “toll-free” number for her company. 425-606-3109. Since this is not a San Diego County area code I ask where the office was located. She mentioned they have offices in both AZ, and CO. She then proceeded to tell me this was a number for them. Never specifying which office. In the mean time my caller Id shows the following number 623-238-6021. I found interesting that 425 is a Washington area code and 623 (where the call originated) is in Arizona. When I googled the 623 number I got only one link for a website warning about fraud. No hits for the provided number, which I found even more disturbing. They can wait for me until 4:05pm since neither my husband or I will be showing up.
A  25th of Jun, 2007 by 
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We went to the presentation a couple of nights ago. Although there was no hard press on the presentation, they were very persistent. Common in any sales situation. What made my very suspicious was that they asked for both our mother's maiden names and they also wanted the security code from the back of our credit card. THEY DO NOT NEED EITHER OF THOSE ITEMS TO PROCESS THE SALE. But someone attempting to steal your identity or hijack your credit card would need those two items!


Since these items were "needed" to process the sale, I am very suspicious of the whole operation.
A  25th of Jun, 2007 by 
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People like this are spread through out the world. We were cheated by a company by the name Lander Management and their Modus Operandi was exactly the same. Unfortunately we fell for their false promises and coughed up Rs.20000, which, at the time of the presentation was supposedly refundable. I just want to share this with all those who have been invited to a presentation by Lander.
D  22nd of Nov, 2007 by 
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Well technically to those who think its a scam I have seemed to think that the presentation was very helpful cause me and my husband go traveling every year and they had helpful hints on traveling tips and very cheap travel packages that we also purchased for the holiday to take but i think that those of you that think its a scam are the one's who have nothing better to do so congratulations to me and my husband we enjoyed it those of you who get the call just check it out its true that you dont have to buy sign or join ANYTHING but you will have to attend the presentation.
N  4th of Dec, 2007 by 
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This company is a scam. I have first hand knowledge. People pay an astronomical amount of money with the expectation that they will be traveling for discounted rates. That is not true. The rates Star Vacation Club offers are the same rates that you can purchase online. They are not getting anybody discounts they can't get on their own. Unfortunately, when you find out about this it's too late, and your money is non-refundable.

The name above is fictional. It's an employee posting bogus comments.
A  5th of Dec, 2007 by 
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I went for the vacation and i am satisfied with them.
D  13th of Dec, 2007 by 
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What was there to be satisfied with? Tell us how the vacation wasn't free? Which was advertised to you to get you in the door. Tell us about all the restrictions that come with it? Tell us why you can't attend this vacation during weekend? Tell us which days you are able to attend this vacation? Tell us about the time share presentation that they had you attend? Tell us about the cost that was involved?

Are you easy to satisfy? Or another employee posting another ridiculous comment? I can't see how anybody can be satisfied.
A  22nd of Dec, 2007 by 
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Having been scammed to the tune of almost $4000.00 I would like to know if anyone will join in a class action suit against this unscrupulous company? If you are interested please contact me.
N  7th of Jan, 2008 by 
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Recieved a call(1-7-08, 10:15AM) from this company(Star Vacation Club) telling me a won 1 of 3 prizes, a trip, $25,000, or a Ford Explorer. I was thinking to myself, ok I'll bite. Starting asking her questions, where do go, whats the catch, etc. I was suppose to go sit through some 90 minute presentation, grab a scratch card and find out which prize I was gonna win, and bring 2 forms of I.D.(Driverse lic. & Major Credit Card). The lady(telemarketer) was very nice and helpful, not really pushy at all. Started thinking, maybe this is real, but still to good to be true. Then I finally asked her, well how did I win, How did you get my number? She told me I filled some card a year ago. ###, the only card I filled out a year ago was an "I LOVE YOU" card for my Wife when I was in the middle of IRAQ. But I didn't mention that, didn't want to mess up her sales pitch, ya know!(Really had me goin, lol) So I confirmed the time of the presentation. (1-12-08, 12:00PM) Then I went online and found all of you! How do I say Thank You for your warnings that saved me from all the trouble you guys are goin through now, let me know!

A  7th of Jan, 2008 by 
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The comment right above mine is the same story I just got less then 20 mins ago. Except for the fact that they called my work and then my work called my cell to let me know that I won 1 of 4 prizes. My 4 prizes were: A lincoln navigator. 2500 in cash. paid vaca for 2. or a 42 inch flat screen. I 23 so I quickly found out that I was not allowed to attend the presentation to pick up my prize because I was not old enough. So the lady asked if I knew anyone I trusted who could claim my prize for me. I told her my brother was in the age range (25-70) so maybe he could do it... She then asked if he was married, and if he made over 50K? Some weird questions... but I went with it anyway. SO she set up the time and date for me and told me also to get there about 5 to 10 mins early because they were very strict about being prompt. ANYWAYS. I came online and found this website and just like the guy above me I want to thank everyone so much because If I would have asked my brother to go "claim my prize" and they he had to sit through a 90 min presentation he would have absolutely killed me. Thanks again everyone.. and good luck to anyone else to doesn't research the company online before going to pick up their winnings.
N  6th of Feb, 2008 by 
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Help!!! I joined last night, they took my credit card and all my banking info so the payment can be directly withdrawn.
It was the same thing, rec'd call saying we had won a prize. Sounded pretty good but i always check things out on the internet and found this. What can i do?
N  13th of Feb, 2008 by 
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I like how Victoria Brock said she was "forced". This is hilarious! Do they use tazers and guns now to get you to go? I do not agree or disagree with the people on this complaint board but look at one fact: People have been posting all kinds of dirt about this company on this site for a VERY long time now saying they will contact the Attorney General, the B. B. B., ect. The one fact that doesn't carry a place in their head is that they are still there. Ask yourself the question Can all of this be true about a company that still exsists and is still in business??? Shouldn't a company that's this terrible be shut down already??? How about you stop waistinf your time posting dirt and call Terry Goddard or the BBB yourself and ask THEM how they stay in business, since its such a scam. As far as who I am, I am just an honest reader of these complaints. Its fun to me to see what people have to say. You can look up anything on here and find out its a scam. Who knows I just might find out i have been scammed on my car, my flat screen tv, my computer, or, or, or even my house oh gosh not my house! I am obviously being sarcastic, for you real thinkers out there. It also quite humorous that these people are so hell bent on the dirt, that they actually think the good thats said are the employees!!! I don't know about you folks but, I have many cases where i've been satisfied with something and others have not. As well as the other may around. This is called common sense people, or we can just trust everything we read on the internet like the helpless people we are.
N  19th of Feb, 2008 by 
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Honest John's another employee trying to defend this dirty operation. Johnny Boy let me give you some advice. You need to go back to selling cars. It's definitely a major upgrade from what your currently selling. Hopefully you'll sleep a little better at night.
N  21st of Feb, 2008 by 
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John your post above is so ridiculous. The bottomline is yes it's true this company is scamming you from the first call to get you in the door. It's a fact, that they con you in to attending the seminar in the hope your going to walk in that door and win an Escalade or cash. Has anybody won the Escalade??? No, everybody wins the trip. Funny thing is the trip you win, you can only attend during the week. To top it off, the trip is not free as advertised. Plus, once you get there, they are trying to re-sell their package to you again. That's a complete con. Then when you complain about the snow job they pull on you to get you in the door. Their response is, "Well that's an outside marketing company that has nothing to do with us." B.S. if you don't condone their marketing tactics, get rid of them.

As far as the product their selling these people. It's a joke! You are paying thousands of dollars to become a member of this club with the intention that you will be receiving discounted vacation rates. When the truth of the matter is that you can purchase the same packages online for a lower rate than SVC gets you in at. Problem is, people don't find this out until they plan on going on vacation. Unfortunately, it's too late. And when you tell the company that your not satisfied with their product, they tell you they have a no refund policy.

Another thing that is very fishy with this company. Anytime a company is selling the same product for a different price to each of their customers beware, it's a scam. For example, they have people that have paid anywhere from $10K to $2K for this product. Is that ethical???? Another thing to beware of. If your not satisfied with the product that you purchased, a good upstanding company will send you a refund. Not this company, once they have your money, NO REFUNDS. You never want to purchase a product from a company that has a no refund policy.

Another thing John. This company is in very poor standing. They currenlty have 96 outstanding complaints with the BBB in Illinois. That's right 96 customer complaints. That's not a typo. I'm sure this trend follows them from state to state. This company also has a history of changing names like we change our socks. When you find a company that is continuously changing their name, you know your dealing with a shady company.

John, I have to agree with the post above (Ed Mello). You need to go back to selling used cars. It's sounds like it's more up your alley.
A  12th of Mar, 2008 by 
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Today (03.12.08) once again I received a call from a lady. Same invitation by Star Vacation Club but this time the caller is not the same old lady who informed me last Thursday to come and grab one of the four prizes the next day. I did not go to the club (1920 Thoreau Drive, 151 Schaunberg, IL) though I told the caller that I will be there. Then, the caller told me to bring my spouse to the prize presenting ceremony. But in the afternoon on Friday I called her back that my wife was not feeling well. Actually, me and my wife had a big argument. She said this invitation is a fake one and she refused to accompany me. But I argued with her for an hour as I wanted to find out first. Finally, I had to decide myself. Forget the invitation. An hour later a thought came into my mind. Why don't you check about this company in Google? Now I come to realize why I was desperately in need by Star Vacation Club. Thanks Google.com!
N  3rd of Apr, 2008 by 
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I'd like to thank Star Travels for giving us a worderful experience on our vacation last month. The people are all nice and they have the most wonderful accomodation we've ever tried. The service was great and fast that's why we didn't experience any problems from the moment we go on our vacation until we went home. Its nice to be a part of your promotion and we hope that your company will continue to serve more people/families in the future. thank you very much.
francis and Reena
A  3rd of Apr, 2008 by 
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i have a great day in the


its a big previlage to us to avail

the vacation and were happy coz we

got it..its a terrific and awesome

memories we spent, a relaxing place

and the accommodation was great!!

hoping that star travels will still

continue to give the previlage to

some people to have a free



happy girl
gilbert AZ
N  3rd of Apr, 2008 by 
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Star Vacation has made a difference into my family's life.
From the very beginning, I already knew that this one will make us happy and satisfy.
An agent called me and asked me to attend their presentation.
He guaranteed me that I'm gonna receive a gift whether I am interested in their product or not.
I was very glad because I received some gifts that one could also wish to have.
I tried their vacation package and luckily, I was very satisfied.
I loved their travel airline and hotel accommodations so much.
My family really enjoyed our vacation with less expense.
I am planning to make a reservation again some other time so my family and I could relax and unwind.

- Dennis Jickain
N  4th of Apr, 2008 by 
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People whatever you do, don't get suckered in to this scam. I am an ex-employee. The comments above are from employees.

They are not satisfied customers. The promotion to get you in the door is unethical. Everybody wins the same prize, and there is a ton of red tape. You can only take the vacation on certain days, and it is far from free. They also will be there trying to sell you again.

The costs of their vacations is more expensive than you can purchase yourself through a travel agent.

If this company was doing something correct, they wouldn't have changed their name so many times. They also wouldn't have so many complaints with the BBB in every city that they are in.

I'm doing you a favor. Stay away and save your money.
N  4th of Apr, 2008 by 
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Another employee posting bogus comments about this fishy operation.

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