Star Alliance / calling an award ticket free ticket and humiliating in front of checkin customers

1 Turkey

I use AMEX to collect points;
I used my points an bought a ticket to my frond to use from Ottawa to Ho Chi Minh city with ticket number (Aeroplan MJMJKM)
Flight was an awar dticket and was corresponding to the $100.000 spending plus the $700 Airport taxes;

Problem 1: Air Canada said, you only have 1 luggage right with 32 kilo because this flight is to Izmir. They charged us $50 for the second luggage.

Q: Why does it differ if I stay 1 night or 8 nights to chaneg the luggage size

Biggest Problem: I was at the airport checking in for Izmir Istanbul part of the flight;
The personnel of Turkish Airlines asked me to limit my luggage to 1 piece because it is going to Istanbul. My friend tried to explain it is a ticket to Saigon (Ho Chi Mich ). They said because it is FREE ticket you have limited capacity. He had to go down to 23 kilo 1 piece. More important he was humiliated in front of the crowd waiting for checking by having a free ticket and asking too much; Connection is to Bangkok with the same airlines (Turkish Airlines). How comes they dont see the full picture?

How comes they call it a free ticket and humiliate you in front of people;

I also used that airport for my trip. They also gave me a hard time. They aslo said it was free ticket and asked me to limit my luggage.

They gave me electronic ticket instead of Boarding Pass. And Police at the Passport control said, i cant believe how this company operates. How can they give you an electronic ticket instead of Boarding Pass. He mentioned this is one of several issues he faces daily by the Turkish Airlines.

I am a Proud Turkish and happy to see the advertisements of Turkish Airlines.

But Turkish people has educations and personnel problems and they can not be happy if someone is having a free ticket and they can not.

Also the hostess at the airplane is most of the time rude.

I am ok with Air Canada but I want Turkish Airlines to be penalized and suspended for the Start Alliance even it helps me a lot with my connections

You can reach me at through the Air Canada ticket number I gave above. Please access my records from there;



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