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MSNmsn home page 9/04/2018

MSN Home page 09/04/2018 -Did not find one objective article worth ones time. Woodward article was a pathetic attempt to do something -pretty much saying the president of the United States's personnel did not jump high enough when Woodward said jump so he was releasing a book skewed the Woodward way - basically MSN's attempt to tell the public what?? You maybe another article or two one knew were going to be negative slants on Woodward's book release -I am finally convinced that your objective is "fake news". Pretty lame day on your website with the rest of the main pages appearing to be pretty much fluff. You evidently no longer have any integrity left -what are you?

Switching my main page to something else -CNN proved they suck and MSN...

MSNNew page lies being posted on home page

MSN is so irresponsible to allow such garbage on it's news pages. The idea is to get news to people not the lies & drivel that are being posted as truth. The Washington POst article was broadly renounced as pure anti-trump and leaks from someone who will soon be in jail.

How about posting truths? How about sticking to tech? Why are you ### with the American people putting millennial's socialistic hoaxes on as new or truths.

It might fly in California, but adults like myself who value a dollar and understand some of the harsher realities of the world would appreciate news. And, that doesn't mean Trump Fake News; stories on the kardashians; stories on poopy-pants Hillary who lost; I think you get my gist.

That's my complaint. Your tactics tear the US apart. Your way lost in the election. Respect ALL of your customers not just pink hats who BLEW the chance to negotiate a great platform for women.

I am a fiscal conservative with a liberal social agenda. I'm a capitalist not a communist.

Please post truths vs lies by NYT and WAPO.

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MSN — MSN Features

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