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1 Somerville, MA, United States Review updated:

After purchasing two large items from Sports Authority; elliptical and bicycle, two reward cards were mailed to my home. These cards were mailed separately (within two to three weeks of each other). When attempting to use the second reward card which was mailed to my home, the cashier stated it could not be used as it was previously obtained. Completely confused since I had the card in my possession how was it possible that I ‘used’ it? The cashier had no idea how to handle the situation and asked assistance from the manager who looked like she couldn’t be bothered. She rudely told me I had to call customer service, which already in the store, wasting over a half hour of my time, I told her “No, you can call”. The individual on the phone, Lauren, was absolutely ridiculous. She explained that “sometimes” duplicate rewards are issued and “Unfortunately the amount could not be obtained’ over and over again. Please tell me how this makes sense? Why would a company send out multiple reward cards if it can only be used once? If you send me two cards, I am going to use those two cards. The reward amount was a lousy $26 dollars, but why not use it if you have it. Lauren was no help and supposedly the manager Katie was on her lunch break. I asked if there was any other manager and she said “No”. It seems really impossible that a large business as Sports Authority only has one manager in office. When calling later that day, I was told by another representative (Sean) that the manager had left for the day. Seems to me there is no manager and they are basically giving you the run around in hopes of you giving up. I have emailed my concern to many email addresses found online and have received no response. It is extremely frustrating after spending hundreds of dollars on an elliptical and bicycle, to which they pretend to have a ‘reward system’ that you are unable to obtain. I would have rather received no ‘reward card’, which would have saved my sanity and time wasted at the store and on the telephone with their customer service.

Bottom line: I will never shop in Sports Authority again and I hope that you do not either. This place is overpriced with employees who are poorly trained with upper management which cannot make decisions. Hopefully I will receive a response and will continue to leave my complaint on every single ‘Complaint Website’ I can find.

Feb 26, 2013
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