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Spirit Incentives / Don't plan anything with these rip-offs!

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I was supposed to get a free trip after purchasing a package from a radio station, I had to pay a $50 deposit and give 3 dates. I did what they asked but did not have the dates available and gave me an alternate date o Tampa Florida. I set up the date with my family. I went out of town and while out of town received another letter saying I had to pay another $32.00 in taxes upfront and I had only 14 days to send in the taxes. When I got back I was past the date to send the tax money in so they canceled my planned trip and asked me to submit another 3 dates. This has been going on for 6 months.

I finally told them to send my original $50 deposit. I am going to pay for the trip myself. I looked on internet and found that Spirit Incentives has many similar complaints. I warn you, don't plan anything with these rip-offs, they just want to keep delaying till you get frustrated and finally stop dealing with them, that is their whole strategy. Just keep your money and pay for the trip yourself, this is NOT a free trip. The amount of frustration and idiot customer service people you have to talk with is agonizing. Stay away from these people, they are just irresponsible and do NOT care about you or your satisfaction. They care about taking your $$$.

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  25th of May, 2007
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I won a Spirit Incentives package from Royal Prestige, a company that calls newly engaged couples, and uses Spirit Incentives to get you to watch their presentation on their cookware, in hopes that you will purchase it. I recently received the Spirit Incentives contract for their vacations--there was so much small print that I decided to pretend I never had a "free" honeymoon and went to my travel agent. You could only use your trip for Sunday-Tuesday arrivals, they could not guarantee a date, and there were several additional fees that you had to pay to have the "free" vacation. Needless to say, I am not impressed.

  14th of Jun, 2007
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Learn how to read the *small print* and you might get somewhere. I got my free vacation and loved it.

  22nd of Jun, 2007
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Spirit Incentives is a super rip off! They wear you down with the "unavailable" routine, then try to get as much money out of you before you give up... don't even think you will get the refund back. The customer service is horrible and rude when questioned about details. Save your time and money!

  27th of Dec, 2007
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We were offered a 4 night cruise with Majesty of the Seas
After a year of not having a date they finally gave me a cruis with Carnival.. It is a much cheaper line and I had to up grade and give taxes of 500.00 dollers. The cruise is worth 329 per person. They won't do anthing about it.

  20th of Mar, 2008
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I was awarded a "free" cruise for touring a vacation condo in Gulf Shores Alabama. I had to send in a $100.00 deposit (refundable) and select 3 dates. I received two letters stating that 2 dates were unavailable in the promotion. After almost a year I got a letter telling me I had to pay $318.00 in port fees and taxes and should send a check within 14 days. I called and they explained that I could charge the fees and set the reservation over the phone. The first thing they did was offer an upgrade to an outside room on the lowest deck for an additional $100.00 per person with bunk beds. Or a higher deck with single beds that could be moved together for $199.00 per person. Then after they "checked with the ship" there would be an additional $199.00 per person Peak season Surcharge (April 19). Total $1, 118.oo

I called a cruise agent in New Orleans they offered a highest level room for $811.00 with queen bed and ocean view suite.

Spirit Incentives only incentive is their own pocketbook. I refused the cruise and requested a refund of my $100.00

Don't go see anything that they are involved in, as they are snake oil salesmen.

  17th of Apr, 2008
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Once we selected our three dates, the confirmation note that I was supposed to keep for my records very clearly stated "a reservation agent will be contacting you within 45 days prior to your FIRST travel date to review possible itineraries and options" Low and behold, that first travel date is in three days and we have received ZERO phone calls. We finally decided to call them. It is too late for us to ask off vacation time within the next month (we both have real, full-time jobs!), but guess what--because that is one of the dates we chose and it is available--we are up a creek without a paddle. Dates cannot be changed once you have made you first selection of possible dates. Even if they never contacted us. Consequently, they are sending us a refund for our security deposit. But I do not want a refund! I want my "free" vacation!

  26th of Jun, 2008
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We had problems similar to others listed here. My advice, fight them. You can get what was promised. We reported to the Better Business Bureau I also called the place that gave us our vacation voucher. I had extra leverage because I had become a customer of the business that gave us the voucher. I’m not sure which did it, but we received a call from Spirit Incentives the next day! It was another office. The person we talked to seemed to be the one who works with people once they complain to the right people. She found a vacation date that worked for us. When I asked her why they wouldn’t work with us before, all she would say is that, “ well we are working with you now.” She even returned our call ounce when her voicemail picked up! If the two previous routes didn’t work I was also going to contact the Florida Attorney General. Others on other blogs had said that this method had worked for them. I also found a website: I also sent them my information on the same day that we were contacted by Spirit Incentives to work with us. will send your message to any major city local news channel you want. Now what I am doing is posting to all these blogs so that more people don’t get screwed.

How do they get away with being such a crappy business? You aren’t their customer, whoever gave you the voucher is their customer. They don’t have to make you happy as long it doesn’t affect their relationship with those customers who purchase large quantities of their vouchers. They make more money when they don’t give anything

If you are interested to know what our situation was, we were given a voucher for a free cruise. We elected for the 7-day cruise which meant a larger payment for taxes and fees. They didn’t contact us when they said they would. When we contacted them (lots of being put on hold) they said that all three-departure dates we asked for were taken. We were given one date only which I couldn’t get off work for. They told us, “sorry, too bad, guess you can’t go.” Then they told us they didn’t have a record of our payment!

  22nd of Jun, 2011
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As of this date, I am about finished dealing with these A$$HOLES (aka spirit incentives customer service reps)!!! When I submitted my three dates, the 2nd date I really wanted was not available due to the "30 Day" rule where the last date fell 1 day after the expiration!!! When I contacted a S.I. Rep about this prior to submitting the dates, I was told that it would not be a problem and that all I needed to do was to contact S.I. when I received the letter and they would change the date to accomodate our trip. Easy enough, right?? WRONG!!! Upon receiving the letter that the first stated that the first date was not available, I contacted S.I. and spoke with a rep. During the conversation with this brickwall, he informed me that there was NO POSSIBLE WAY TO CHANGE THE DATES (notice I stress this sentence!)!!! After approx. 15 minutes of going back and forth with this guy with him trying to enforce the "participation rules", I informed him that I had already spoken with a rep prior to submitting the dates and I was advised that all I needed to do was call and they would change it. He then advised me that he saw in my account notes from the previous conversation with the other rep, where it stated what I had just told him. He quickly told me that I misunderstood what he was telling me and that they would be more than happy to try to move the reservation for me. He then told me that all I needed to do is contact the reservation department when the next date became available and they could assist me (that is if they even have an available date that is convenient for me!!) When I confronted him regarding this "mishap" of information he was giving me from the start, he continually denied saying what he said. As I grew more and more frustrated with his LACK OF CUSTOMER SERVICE, I asked to speak to his manager. After being put on hold for 5-7 minutes, the same guy came back on and told me that he could not find a supervisor who was not helping another certificate holder!!! WHAT A CROCK OF BS!!! Actually, if their other reps are as bad as the guy I got, then I could see where all the supervisor's WOULD have to be working overtime just to correct the mistakes of their employees!!! Let's see if I will actually hear back from them!!

  24th of Jun, 2011
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We take customer service very seriously. To expedite your travel offer please make sure you have read the terms and conditions provided on your offer. Please send us your contact information to along with the details of your experience. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.

  21st of Sep, 2011
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I took my kids for a trip to The Great Wolf Lodge that I received through Spirit Incentives! It was wonderful! We took advantage of the wonderful indoor waterpark, and the kids also had a blast doing the "MagiQuest" throughout the hotel. The check-in was flawless, and I wouldn'tve traded this experience for the world. I'm a single mother of 4 and couldn't normally afford to take my kids on a "staycation" but thanks to Spirit Incentives, I was able. Thanks!!!

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