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Spirit IncentivesCruise Scam

My husband and I also sat through a 3 hour session also. We also bought into a vacation plan with the incentive of not 1 but 2 free cruises. First of all there is NOTHING free about it! $100 to just make a deposit, them we waited 6 months for them to call us. Finally got an email from them, they were ready to confirm our reservations. I called one day from work, and she told me up front the call would take a minimum of a half hour and if I had to hang up for any reason during the call, also if I declined ANY offer made to me concerning the cruise dates, I also forfeited the cruise. I still told her to go ahead. Then she said you understand the accommodations is an inside cabin WITH BUNK BEDS! I told her my husband and I are over 60 years old and we sure weren't climbing into the bunk beds! She said that is the offer- unless I wanted to upgrade. My share of the FREE cruise that I was going to pay that day was $225 per person, and to upgrade it would be $325 per person. I can book the same cruise all day long directly from carnival for less than this free cruise. Since I put this so called vacation club on my credit card, I will be contacting them to have the charges reversed. This is absolutely a scam, and like the expression goes "If it's too good to be true - It Is!"

  • Di
    Dirt71 May 29, 2011

    I won a cruise at the state fair and ended up going through the whole thing. Finally, after waiting for over six months, I was offered my date, which was not even one of the three I chose, and I was told to use an airport out of the state I live in to get to Florida. Everything was a complete hassle, and I ended up getting my money back because they were so uncommadating. I will never trust them again! Terrible business and customer service.

    It got my hopes up because I was really looking forward to it and was very patient, all for nothing. They wouldn't allow me my date of choice or airport, and they only gave one chance.

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Spirit IncentivesHotel Accomidations

We were promised a stay at Great Wolf Lodge for $50/ 2 nights would be a $100 deposit. We would still have to pay taxes & it would come out of our deposit. We had to go to a to enter our certificate number. We sent in our deposit & then chose "3" possible dates we would like to travel. We would then be notified 45 days in advance of when our trip was to take place. This all sounds great, right? Well, turns out this is ALL a SCAM! Once we did the steps above, we were never notified again of when our trip was to take place! Since I never heard back from Spirit Incentives I logged back in on their website. I then had to call a number to make a reservation? This totally had me confused since I was expecting an email 45 days before our trip was to take place from the possible dates I had chosen. When I called in to see when our trip was to take place, all they said was that they sent out an email for me to respond...that I NEVER received! When I asked them to re-send the email so that I could verify I received it, they said it was not possible. They then checked the dates that I had selected & quickly told me that my dates were all booked! So, they could only issue me a refund NO trip! What a total SCAM! My family was really looking forward to a trip to Great Wolf & now all this time has been wasted on this company! What a waste!!!

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    Spirit Incentives Sep 21, 2012

    Spirit Incentives is sorry to hear that you did not receive notification about the availability of your travel dates. As there was no contact from you prior to this inquiry we had no way of knowing you had not received notification. Spirit Incentives notifies our customers approx. 45 days prior to their 1st choice. If you are within that time frame and have not yet received the notification the best thing to do is to access your account @

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Spirit Incentives — Scam

Like everyone else I sat through a 3 hour presentation to receive a "free" 7 night stay in a hotel & another voucher for a free 2 night stay. I mailed in the $100 & $50 money...

Spirit IncentivesTravel Certificate

Like many others who have filed complaints, I also have been ripped off by Spirit Incentives. Last March, I sent in a request for 2 nights accommodations in the Palm Beach area of Florida. It was my wife's birthday and I wanted to do something special... In any event, when I contacted a Spirit Incentives travel agent, I was told no rooms were available for the dates I had chosen. I had to choose another location and I opted for Fort Myers. Upon checking into the Days Inn hotel, it looked run down and the room which was allocated was worse. We stayed one night and left. When I received an email requesting feedback I gave Spirit Incentives my evaluation of their travel arrangements. I got no reply. In early June, I tried to book the other 5 days of my travel certificate but travel dates were only available up to August. I checked the website from time to time but the dates I wanted from Sept.20- 25, 2012 (TO CELEBRATE OUR 25TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY) never became available. In early July, I entered my certificate # and the next screen stated "Promotion Award unable to be used "as there was not enough travel dates between early July and September 28th when the certificate expired.What BS!!!We were disappointed but not surprised Spirit Incentives would not follow through on their end. It is typical of this agency to rip off its customers---Anyways, we booked a nice hotel in Las Vegas for our vacation.

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    Spirit Incentives Jul 26, 2012

    Hi Mike
    We are sorry to hear about your dissatisfaction but we are confident we would have been able to fulfill the travel offer if you had followed through with the date selection process in a timelier manner. You acknowledge in your complaint that there were dates available to submit however they did not meet your preferences so you chose not to submit any dates at all. All Spirit Incentives offers list our customer service number, 954.525.1777, in bold print on their reverse side. Customer service representatives are available Monday-Friday from 9a-6p EST and would have been happy to assist you with your date selection with the proper advance notice required, had you contacted them for assistance when there was still time remaining to make travel selections. At this time Spirit Incentives is only able to issue a refund of your deposit as there is not sufficient time remaining to meet the advance notice you agreed to in the Terms of Participation.

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Spirit Incentivestravel

I paid for the incentives and three times gave them date and location options, well in advance (3 months) and each time I got the response that it was not available. I sent the form back to get a refund as I did not believe there ever would be availability and now 3 months later have not heard from them again and have not gotten a refund. BAD BUSINESS!

  • Br
    BrendaS Nov 19, 2010

    Hi People,

    I happen to have had good experience with Spirit Incentives product. If you have a valid certificate from Spirit that you intend to throw away, why not donate it to me. I can put these ceritificate to good use with local charities by booking trips for the local senior community. They have a lot of time but no money, and would be happy to be given a trip any date any time as long as there's someone who can help them with all the paper work and jump all the hoops.

    Why waste it than putting it to a good use. You can contact me at [email protected]


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  • Di
    Diane C George Aug 19, 2011

    How do you get results when no one else can? What do you do different? I would like to know as I am trying to get results today for a trip before my dates expire. Can you help
    [email protected]

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  • Sp
    Spirit Incentives Jun 13, 2012

    We understand you had a less than satisfactory experience with booking your promotional travel offer. We would be happy to review your file with you and go over all the terms and address your objections personally. Please email us your contact info at [email protected]

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  • At
    Athena029 Aug 15, 2012

    I have a certificate for five days/four nights. I went to the site to select 3 days. I never received confirmation for none of the 3 days, called SEVERAL times and would be put on hold for long periods of times. Today was the first time that I got through to a person and how convenient, my certificate has 'expired'. They claim they sent out an confirmation email. As many times I have called and was unable to get through, I find it to be a scam. This seems to happen way too much.

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  • Ta
    Taber555 Sep 21, 2012

    I was going to post as well but you stated exactly what I would have said. I tried to book for something 9 months in advance and the only option available was one trip to San Diego. I didn't want to go there so I requested a refund. Four months later, still don't have my money back and at this point never expect to. You can say BAD BUSINESS but what they do should be CRIMINAL!!! Spirit Incentives are scammers!!!

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Spirit IncentivesTook my money no delivery

Offer made available through TAN (Travel Advantage NEtwork) 2 nights "free " hotel stay in area of my choice in US. IN exchange for listening to a sales presentation. Jumped through hoops. Sent my $50 check (Which was cashed) to -Redemption Processing Center P.O. Box 23990 Ft. Lauderdale Fl [protected]. Received an e-mail back asking for two optional dates. Returned e-mail and never heard from them again. Cannot get a hold of them. They have no contact number and the e-mail says do not reply to this e-mail. I am out $50.00 and not happy!

  • Li
    linuxtrader Jun 04, 2012

    Same exact experience, followed the plan perfectly. Cant get a trip and cant seem to get my $50 back. I'm booking my own flight to the address on their correspondence: 2455 E Sunrise Blvd, Suite Mezzanine, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304 to see who I can find there "in person".

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  • Kr
    krisco87 Jun 05, 2012

    Here is the phone number that I have for them 954-525-1777, I am currently trying to get my 2nd date booked, we will see how it goes, but I am beginning to have my doubts (reason I'm on here researching other complaints) By the number of hoops they are making me jump thru, I'm sure they will say I missed a required step and it was my fault, even tho I've done everything they have asked...we will see! I sent in my 3 dates, nothing available, so they mail me something that I have to return, I returned, then I get an email that I have to respond to, I've responded, and at the end of the email instructions, they give you a phone number to continue, I've called that number twice and each time it goes to voice mail stating leave your name phone number and certificate number and they will call back within 2 bus days to continue booking reservation...still waiting for that

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  • Sp
    Spirit Incentives Jun 07, 2012

    Dear L. Shealy,
    We're sorry to hear about the issues you're having with your promotional offer. Our customer service number is printed in bold on the original certificate that was handed to you when you received the offer, 954-525-1777. You can contact customer service Monday-Friday 9-6pm EST, someone will be happy to assist you with your offer. Your deposit is fully refundable unless you confirm a reservation as stated in the Terms of Participation. If you would like to, you mail email us your contact info and certificate number and we'll have a representative contact you.
    @ linuxtrader, you may do the same also.

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  • Kr
    krisco87 Jun 12, 2012

    ok update on my experience, they did not call me back but I called them an actually got someone this time. The first offer they gave me for my "free" nights was a Days Inn in Ft Worth, the best review I found on it was a two star review. no swimming pool and rooms that smelled of smoke. So I called "spirit" back to see if I could upgrade and they were happy too. I ended up getting a $120 a night room at the Omni Dallas at Park West for an additional $43 a night, I was pleased with the offer and am looking forward to taking my trip. I wish the best of luck to the two of you still trying to get yours. I hope they will work with you and get (something) worked out with you.

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  • Gl
    Glecia Hood Jul 08, 2012

    Okay, I guess the BBB needs to be called before I send these people my money.

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Spirit Incentivesfradulent cruise

We registered last June 6-11 for a 3 night cruise and supposedly won one. We had to travel to Tulsa Okla
for a presentation of a Travel Agency to complete the requikrements for the free cruise, which we did and paid $198 for the fees. We had to pick 3 dates for this cruise, which we3 did.. They said 45 days beore your
first date we would receive an email with a link to our travel rservations. I was on hold 50 minutes only to find out that no travel dates could be arranged for us. i said you mean in 7 months yo9u can not find us a cruise that fits our dates. The answer was no. I said I want a refund of my money NOW. This company is a scam and everyone should not be taken in by them SCAM SCAM SCAM

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    Spirit Incentives Jan 31, 2012

    We sincerely apologize for any issues you had with our company. Please send your contact information to [email protected] and we will make sure you are contacted promptly. We look forward to hearing from you.

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  • Ve
    Very Hopeful Customer Mar 03, 2012

    This is very true about the telephone service. I spent 1 month calling the reservation contact number but I received no answer. The automated machine kept saying the representatives are busy and requested to call again.

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Spirit Incentivesrefusal to refund deposit

It appears that many of us have the same basic complaint: Spirit Incentive doesn't abide by the terms and conditions of the company's offer.

The $100 deposit that I sent in was supposed to be fully refundable if I made my request in writing but that doesn't appear to be the case. I'm not going to roll-over and allow them to keep my money when I followed the terms of the agreement. Is there anyone else who would like to join me in a class action suit? I'm sure there is a lawyer out there who wouldn't mind representing us. AFter all, this is America and we do have laws to protect consumer rights!

  • Us
    usafsarg Jan 04, 2011

    I was able to get my deposit back by calling the store who gave me the travel promotion gift and then they called Spirit Incentive. The refund check was sent the same day then. The only way to stop these scams is get the stores who fund the promotions for Spirit Incentive scam in the middle.
    In my case it was the Turk Furniture Store in Joliet, Il.

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  • Ga
    GAIL B Mar 29, 2011


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  • Ae
    AEsquire23 Jun 03, 2011

    I'm not sure what happened to the beginning part of my comment, but from what I read on the internet (not any informatin ever provided by Spirit), not only do you have to book your trip 45 days in advance but then you need to provide 2 alternative dates and there must be at least 30 days in between. So my certificate expires August 15, 2011, 45 days would mean I have to book by July 2, 2011, but to provide an alternative date at least 30 days apart, I would need to book by June 2, 2011 and then another alternative date 30 days apart from that, so May 2, 2011. No where was this explained in the letter or on any paperwork. I could have easily followed these guidelines (depsite my thoughts that they are ridiculous) had I known about them. So I will be happy to join any class action.

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  • Mr
    mrshud Jun 08, 2011

    they don't give you good days to book your stay at Great Wolf Lodge. We have to pull our kids out of school for the days given. I will never use this company again!!!

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Spirit Incentivesmy vacation

I had a free three night cruise to the Bahamas plus two air fare round trip tickets my certifricate was valid for a year my issue date was 9-15-09 it expires 9-15-10 I had a whole year for my certifricate. I called to register my certifricate in april 2010 and I had it regestired and they said they would call me in 14 bussiness days. Now they are trying to say my certifricate is not valid. I drove 45 minutes to pick up my certifricate and listen to an hour long ceminar. I would like to speak. To the person tyhat is in charge

  • Na
    natasha jefferson May 07, 2010

    I well like to hear from someone

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  • Na
    natasha jefferson May 07, 2010

    Can somebody call me at 570-347-5014 or 570-677-4744

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  • We
    WearMeOut Jun 01, 2010

    If you read the back of the certificate they give you, you only have 60 days to give them the dates you want. You have a year to complete your vacation. So your certificate is not valid.

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  • Dv
    dvine Mar 30, 2011

    your certificate would not be valid because you have to register it w/in 60 days of receiving it. so if you received in 9/15/09, then you would have had to register it by 11/15/2009 and then traveled before 9/15/2010.

    i hope that cleared things up for you.

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  • Ta
    TAHIRA S MAJEED May 04, 2012


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  • As
    AshH Aug 13, 2012

    Yes...I too have been pulled into this scam. They have kept me on hold for 30mins and still no answer . the answering machine state "call back tomorrow" not later but "tomorrow" i think tomorrow it will be the same thing! so when should i call and get a person on the telephone?

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Spirit IncentivesTotal scam

Spirit incentives is a total scam, they take your money and then send a continuous stream of letters stating your dates are not available until you give up. Wyndham knows this and condones the practice Stay away from Sprit unless you want frustration and to lose your money. Our free cruise turned out to cost $100 to go back and forth attempting to get dates. we still have not received our refund. These people are total scam artists. The companies that give out Spirit travel certificates are just as bad if not worse. Companies such as Wyndham Vacaction Qwnership, Sundance Vacations, and Bluegreen Resorts.

  • Ge
    George St. Nov 17, 2010

    Spirit Incentives is a total scam. We were promised a free cruise by Travelwise, a time-share-like company. For three months we were given the runaround, without any success to book the cruise. I was finally able to get somebody on the phone, by calling their reservation line 954-315-8749. They told me that they don't have availability for the dates I selected and I can't make any other choices. DO NOT TRUST TRAVELWISE, NOR SPIRIT INCENTIVES!

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Spirit IncentivesFailure to Comply with Vacation Package

To Whom It May Concern:

I, Anthony Ward, received a vacation package (fly two-round trip to Los Angeles, CA and cruise to Mexico) with Spirit Incentives being the sponsor. I complied with all of the rules and was treated in an unprofessional manner in referenced to the situation at hand. I received this letter only to reply to the letter on December 10, 2009. Awhile replying to the letter I was unaware that I didn't have enough funds on my credit card to confirm the vacation. I was told that I need $350.00 on my credit card outside of my deposit that they have already received. Later, I called on December 31, 2009 with available cash on my credit card, talked to a vacation planner, and was told there was no vacation package available for the earliest date I selected which was, January 15, 2010. In the same conversation with the planner, I was told that if my chosen date was not available that I would be issued a date, any date of Spirit Incentives choosing. With that being stated, I was on the train at the time of the call, I entered the subway, and the call dropped. I called back January 27, 2010, looking to receive any date of Spirit Incentive choosing; I was told that February 18, 2010 was available which the plane departed from Chicago, IL at Midway Airport to Orlando, FL. The cruise would leave Orlando for the Bahamas on February 19, 2010 and would return to Orlando, FL February 22, 2010. I agreed, and we continued to the credit card procedure with the costs of $547.00 with a ocean view cabin (standard cabins were no longer available) only to be told that the trip was taken. I asked for a supervisor and was appointed to one, by the name of Jermaine Clifford. Mr. Clifford proceeded to help me with my problem. He offered me the same trip within a 10 minute conversation for $622.00 and I was unable to proceed because I didn't have that amount funds on my credit card, I only had $570.00 on my credit card. I was rudely told by Mr. Clifford if I didn't have the $622.00 available on my credit card that he would return my deposit and cancel my vacation.

I followed all of the guidelines and procedures. I would appreciate if someone would look into this situation. I would really appreciate if someone would award me with the vacation package that was given to me.

Certificate #: [protected]


Anthony Ward

  • Ke
    kearns Feb 20, 2010

    I'm dealing with them now and have not been very happy with the customer service. Seems very shady to me. Has anyone out there done this and been happy with the outcome?

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  • In
    investigator345 May 04, 2010

    I also am dealing with this company. I registered for the cruise immediately and was told that I would receive materials in mail within 2 weeks. I never received materials either by mail or email. When I called three weeks later they said they hasd sent it (2 weeks ago) but it was never received as I checked my e-mail spam folder, and my actual mail. They then told me to go online pay the $100 and then wait two more weeks to reserve a date. I believe that they use the tactic of delay, delay delay until customers forget or cannot get registered for the cruise in time to go. I believe this company needs investigation and is a sham...

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  • Dj
    Dj1986 Oct 15, 2010

    Wow I am getting real nervous. I paid my $100 deposit for my cruise to hold my spot and that was done on the 28th of September and I still haven't received my itinerary to chose my dates. I am thinking I may get screwed like all of you people already have. This really sucks and if they are scamming people, they need to be investigated.

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  • Dv
    dvine May 11, 2011

    i agree w/you they are shady as hell.. i registered my certificate, pd the $100 deposit in Mar 2011. there suppose to let me know 45 days in advance if 1st avail date is avail.. i had to call them because i never received anything via e-mail or mail.. so i called and spoke w/someone after being on hold for like 20 min. spoke w/this guy and he said my 1st 2 dates aren't avail for standard rooms, thy only had high deck rooms which were $450 pp. my 3rd date was cancelled because they are not sailing on that date anymore. so he had to refund my money. when i called in and spoke to someone else they said he offered me an additional date and i declined.. That was a lie.. After calling different numbers and speaking w/someone else they offered me the date the guy claimed he offered me so i accepted.. i then had to call and invite someone else to come along w/me. once they agreed i had to call back Spirit Incentives. i spoke w/the same jackasss from the 1st call. i asked him why did he lie and he said he offered it to my friend that was on the line w/me. i said how are you offering her a date and i'm the certificate holder. i told him he's a liar because i was on the phone the entire time. he asked if i wanted to hear the tape i told him hell yes.. of course he couldn't so i told him just reserve the 4th date and lets keep it moving.. Spirit incentives sucks.. i'll keep you posted on whether or not i actually took the trip and they followed through...

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  • Ma
    mamak Apr 16, 2012

    Okay, you folks have me nervous, because I am about to start dealing with these people for a trip to Aruba. I already know that I must get names at each step and be prepared to wait on hold. Anything else I should look out for?

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  • Da
    day day May 30, 2012

    My Daughter who is 20 . About to take the same trip to Aruba with her friend. After reading all the complaints I'm scared . I don't think she need to go. Going to do some more research on this company. Please let me know how the trip to Aruba went. If someone else have taken the same trip please let me know your experience.

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Spirit IncentivesBooked Traveler

I called to book trip using Spirit incentives through my Citi Mastercard for a 2 for the price of 1 deal. During the booking I changed the passenger to my wife who is on the card as well realizing that I had a free ticket because of my points with a CC.

They booked the flight and did not send any detail of the reservation aside from a transaction number and price charged.

I checked the reservation on the airline webside and they booked myself on the flight with my daughter instead of my wife and my daughter. I had another ticket booked using points for myself.

When I called to change the reservation I was told there was nothing that could be done. They said they had a tape and put me on hold for quite a while and played the tape. Conveniently the tape was cut off halfway through the call and they said that they could not explain it, but the portion of the call available had only myself requested as the passenger. The tape was intentionally cut off to cover up the mistake. I had to re-book another flight 2 days before Christmas eve for $665 because the seat is non transferable.

  • Go
    Governorcf Jul 06, 2011

    I attended a travel presentation (Become a travel agent0 nothing more than a time share, and for sitting in, we were supposed to have received a free vacation. you had to send in certificate within 60 days, or register via email, which I did. Then I received a letter stating that the certificate had expired, and this was the final communication that I would receive from SPIRIT..i tried to call them, but their phone goes unanswered. What a scam. not only was the travel thing a scam (become a agent for 10-15 thousand dollars???), but they don't even honor their so called promises of free incentitives. They need to be put out of business ! Beware

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Spirit IncentivesFree Cruise

We received a free cruise certificate for going and sitting through a time share presentations. I just tried to book the cruise. We had sent in our $100 and it was only supposed to cost us the taxes. It would have been about $250 more with taxes. So the "free cruise" is in a cabin with bunk beds. To upgrade it would be another $75 a person., but of course they didn't have any of those rooms available. The next upgrade would have been $150 a person, but they didn't have those rooms available either. To get a cruise that was available for us it was going to be $1000 total. I can get a cruise were we can go anytime we want for that price. I just cancelled the certificate and they are supposed to be sending out $100 back. We will see about that. Don't waste your time or money on these "Free" certificates.

  • Go
    Governorcf Jul 06, 2011

    I attended a travel presentation (Become a travel agent0 nothing more than a time share, and for sitting in, we were supposed to have received a free vacation. you had to send in certificate within 60 days, or register via email, which I did. Then I received a letter stating that the certificate had expired, and this was the final communication that I would receive from SPIRIT..i tried to call them, but their phone goes unanswered. What a scam. not only was the travel thing a scam (become a agent for 10-15 thousand dollars???), but they don't even honor their so called promises of free incentitives. They need to be put out of business ! Beware

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Spirit IncentivesScam and lies

We were given a voucher for a free cruise in return for listening to a presentation on a vacation club. We elected for the 7-day cruise, which meant a larger payment for taxes and fees. They were supposed to contact us within 10-14 days. They didn’t contact us. When we contacted them (lots of being put on hold) they said that all three-departure dates we asked for were taken. We were given one date only which I couldn’t get off work for. They told us, “sorry, too bad, guess you can’t go.” Here was the conversation my wife had with Spirit Incentives:

Wench: I have your choices down as Port Canaveral on 3/3, 6/8, and 7/13. Do you want to upgrade to an outside cabin?

Me: How much is that?

Wench: $199 per person

Me: Do I have to decide that now?

Wench: Yes, in order for me to book a cruise - you will also need to provide payment for that now.

Me: We'll stick with an inside room

Wench: Thank you - I'll check our availability

Five minutes of crappy music

Wench: We can offer you a cruise on Carnival leaving out of Miami to the Western Caribbean leaving on April 5.

Me: April 5 was not one of our dates

Wench: Unfortunately, that's all that's available

Me: For the summer months - we would have to pay extra?

Wench: There are no summer options available - your only option is April 5.

Me: My husband is a teacher and can't take a week off of school

Wench: I'm so sorry to hear that. You can accept this offer or we can send you a refund of all money spent

Me: Can I call you back?

Wench: Now that I've made an offer you need to accept it now or choose to take a refund.

Me: Why didn't we hear from you sooner rather than have to call ourselves.

Wench: We will contact you within 30 - 45 days of the first chosen date and we're in that time period now.

Me: Yes, but I had to call you and the email I'm looking at, dated Oct. says that you'll contact us within 10 - 14 days - at which point one of our choices might have been available.

Wench: We don't get our inventory until 3 - 6 months out - so that wouldn't have worked anyway

Me: Oct. was less than 6 months ago.

Wench: Would you like to accept this offer or shall I do a refund

Me: We'll take a refund.

Wench: It will take 10 - 14 days. Thank you for . . . .. Hang up!

After that, I called them back the next day. I was put on hold for about 5 minutes long distance. The lady argued with me saying that we were offered a cruise and that we turned it down. I asked to speak to a supervisor. I was put on hold for about 10 minutes this time. The supervisor was not only argumentative, but also rude. I told him how much negative information there was about Spirit Incentive online, he didn’t care. I told him how many complaints there were with the Better Business Bureau, he didn’t care. I told him that I was going to call the Better Business Bureau, he didn’t care. When I asked for me refund he said that they didn’t have any record of it!!! I had to make a copy of the cancelled check and mail it to them!

While I was getting a copy of the check and mailing it off I also contacted the Better Business Bureau. I also called the place that gave us our vacation voucher. I had extra leverage because I had become a customer of the business that gave us the voucher. I’m not sure which did it, but we received a call from Spirit Incentives the next day! It was another office. The person we talked to seemed to be the one who works with people once they complain to the right people. She found a vacation date that worked for us. When I asked her why they wouldn’t work with us before, all she would say is that, “ well we are working with you now.” She even returned our call ounce when her voicemail picked up! If the two previous routes didn’t work I was also going to contact the Florida Attorney General. Others on a blog about Spirit Incentives had said that this method had worked for them. I also found a website: www.complaint.TV I also sent them my information on the same day that we were contacted by Spirit Incentives to work with us. Now what I am doing is posting to the several blogs out there devoted to spirit incentives so that more people don’t get screwed.

How do they get away with being such a crappy business? We aren’t their customers; the businesses that give out these vouchers are their customers. They don’t have to make us happy as long it doesn’t affect their relationship with those customers who purchase large quantities of their vouchers. They make more money when they don’t give anything.

  • Kr
    Krystle Sosa Jan 18, 2010

    Now this is the funniest complaint I've heard so far... well... I guess I'll throw away my certificate now. Thank God I didn't send in my $100 refundable registration fee and $600 in "port taxes"... PHEW!

    btw... did u ever get to go on the cruise? Just wondering because you spoke to the 'right' people and all... I'm assuming not... these pep are terrible

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  • Fe
    Feeling duped Feb 19, 2010

    Sounds something like my ordeal. I reeived a lot of attitude as well for asking questions. I received two different stories and during the time I was on th phone deciding to pay the $700 in fees, taxes, upgrades, and the surprise peak travel time fee, the flight they had became unavailable and they told me all they could do was refund my $100. I also became a customer of the travel agency that I got the "free" cruise from, and I will go to them and complain. That company is absolutely horrible. It's cheaper to plan it yourself.

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  • Ma
    Marlne Strini Apr 19, 2011

    Same thing happening to me.Bought a time-share at Sedona Pines AZ.Received 2 vacation "GIFTS".One a week condo and the other a cruise.Gave up on the Condo week--nothing available-not Hawaii, but even places I had never heard of before likeWhitefish, Mo.There was a place in Aruba, an all inclusive hotel which would cost an extra $1500.per person upgrade.Have been working on cruise, dates submitted months ago.Was on hold over 90 min. last 2 days.Wish I had seen this sooner.I can only hope to get my 2 deposites back.
    Marlene Strini

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Spirit IncentivesDon't use a voucher from Spirit Incentives

NEVER REDEEM A VOUCHER FROM SPIRIT INCENTIVES! You can't pick the date you want to go on and if ANYTHING happens and you can't go, you WILL NOT get your money back! Unless you have no children, no job, no reletives, and no life at all, things happens and things change. You can only travel during Fall and Winter months as long as the date doesn't fall within 10 days of a holiday. Then, they will sell you something called "Travel Assist" which is supposed to allow you to change the date of your vacation one time in case somethin happens. But, when something does happen, you have to pay another $200 - $400 to change the date of your trip! The trip is not "free" as they would have you believe. I gave them nearly $600 to take a "free" cruise. This amount included the cost for govt taxes and fees, an upgrade to a regular interior cabin (the cabin they give you for "free" comes with bunk beds), and the cost of the travel assist program. Now, we can't go on the trip unless we pay extra money. Our money is gone and we can't get it back. Please don't make the mistake that we did. Book your own trip because nothing in life is free. And if someone tells you it is, they are lying.

  • Fr
    Frustrated Cruiser Nov 25, 2009

    I completely agree. Our "free" cruise was going to cost us $1000 because none of the bunk bed cabins were available. lol I just cancelled our certificate. We will see if we get our $100 back. I can book a cruise for that much any day and go when it is a more suitable time for us to go.

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  • Se
    Sefaw Dec 07, 2012

    You are so right! This place sucks and I can believe they allow them to continue in business! Just booked a stay and thy put me in a horrible place. I read the reviews and there is no way I will stay there! At least I am out 60 and that is it! If its to good to be true then RUN!

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Spirit IncentivesFree Travel Voucher

I deposited $50 dollars with this company as part of my travel voucher reservation. I was given a choice of traveling to LasVegas, Reno or Orlando. I picked "three" travel dates in 3 separate months. The Spirit Incentives customer service rep told me that once I selected my "three" travel date options, I could not under ANY circumstances change them. She kept me on the phone for nearly 1/2 an hour and supposedly checked on travel availability for my first pick, LasVegas on all three of my travel date picks. She told me that there was no availability for ANY of the dates that I selected for EITHER LasVegas or Reno and that I would have to pick Orlando. If I declined she could only refund my $50 dollars. I never wanted to go to Orlando and I find it hard to believe that all three travel dates spaced 3 months apart are NOT available for travel to LasVegas or Reno. I felt like I had been ripped off!!!

The travel voucher to LasVegas or Reno was now "impossible" to fulfill. What a joke!! My advice, STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!

  • St
    Stephanie Apr 13, 2009

    It's funny I was reading your complaint and I am going thru the same stuff. I just got my check for $105.00 dollars for theme park tickes and as you can guess it cost $59.99 for 2 adults. This really is a joke! The time you spend talking with them customer is a joke and so is the reservation department they ain't no better.

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  • Hj
    HJP of Pennsylvania Jan 20, 2010

    My significant other and myself attended the Sundance Vacations "speech". After this, we were taken to a room and made several offers to buy the travel/vacation package. We turned down offers three times. They then made an offer that sounded a bit more reasonable and suddenly we were buying it for little more than $4000. They are currently electronically withdrawing $87.25 to pay for this package. Every so often, an offer is made to pay it off for a discount of approximately $1000. If we could do that, we would have paid for it up front. As it was, neither of us has the best credit and we never, ever expected to be approved for such a purchase, but we were nonetheless. We signed up in February 2009. I wasn't sure of the details of the $100 deposit to reserve a spot for the FREE CRUISE we were told we would receive. I sent it in about two months ago. Yesterday, my friend received an email stating that he should go to a website; namely, to select our preferred travel itinerary. I entered the certificate number and immediately got a message telling me that the certificate cannot be used because there were not enough days from the time the certificate was issued until the expiration date and we would not be able to use it. I'm concerned now that I won't receive the $100 deposit back when I ask for it. There was no information about a website to go to to ask questions or complain that I want my money back. I really thought that this was a REAL OFFER, since the "plug" for this whole package that was drilled into everyone who attended was FREE. They continually said FREE, FREE, FREE! I tried to find a Spirit Incentives website to write to and happened to see the complaints and decided to share my experience with the others who are dissatisfied. I won't waste anytime going to the attorney general about this and nullifying the entire membership package. They don't know me. I WILL get my money back. They still have my $100 deposit and I have no way to contact them except for an address in Florida. I don't want to write. I want to speak to someone about this and get some satisfaction.
    Thanks for listening.

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Spirit IncentivesRip off

I get this free family vacation thru the timeshare i attended i did everything they ask to the coupon of spirit incentives and mail the $50.00 they asked and said its refundable. When i decided that i have a hotel to go to in San Diego they send me a letter that the vacation was no longer available and don't contact them any more. They have a new website now and never answer calls from me. This people should be stop How many $50.00 are flying around because of their promises. Everything that sounds good to be true are always scam. When you deal with this company think so many times before you give your hard earn $50.00.

  • Ar
    Archibald May 20, 2009

    Spirit Incentives is a ripoff and a scam. They don't send you money vouchers as promised and keep your money. The stipulations and regulations in their brochures are lies! I called to complain and the person on the other end of the line said she was only a secretary and would take the information down. After talking to her for 5 more minutes she confessed that she was the owner and her name was Gina and there was nothing that she could help me with. Don't use this company they will take your money and not think twice about it.

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  • Go
    Governorcf Jul 06, 2011

    I attended a travel presentation (Become a travel agent0 nothing more than a time share, and for sitting in, we were supposed to have received a free vacation. you had to send in certificate within 60 days, or register via email, which I did. Then I received a letter stating that the certificate had expired, and this was the final communication that I would receive from SPIRIT..i tried to call them, but their phone goes unanswered. What a scam. not only was the travel thing a scam (become a agent for 10-15 thousand dollars???), but they don't even honor their so called promises of free incentitives. They need to be put out of business ! Beware

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Spirit Incentives — Gas Vouchers

I too have been "scammed" by Spirit Incentives and their timeshare program. I went to list to the timeshare lecture/sale pitch in Canyon Country, Texas. I knew I wasn't going...

Spirit IncentivesRip off, Scam, Criminal Organization

We were stupid enough to go to a real estate presentation by Silverleaf Resorts. They send out notices that "You've won a free trip" all you have to do is attend a 1.5 hour presentation. Actually the presentation takes much longer. They promised a gas card for $40 and two free vacations. It was total bs. The gas card was to be awarded by Spirit Incentives. When you read the details, it's unreal. In reality it's 4 gas cards for $10 each spread out over months. You can apply for only one gas card at a time, and there are a million rules designed to make you disqualify. For example, you must wait at least 30 days between submissions. But you must submit within 7 days of getting your fuel. They have many more "rules." It was NOT what was promised. So this is a total scam. Furthermore, they only sent me one gas card. After 8 weeks, I phoned them and they said there had been a delay because "their system was down."

  • Ay
    Ayla Aug 18, 2008

    I wish I read these complaints before I bought into "Spirit Incentives" FREE 2 nights, FREE 2 adults passes to an amusement park, and FREE $50.00 in gas.

    It was impossible to receive what was promised. The dates I gave they eventually denied, except for the very last date before this certificate expired.
    But after they confirmed it they asked for the hotel tax money.
    All of a sudden they couldn't confirm my desitination any more. What's that all about!!!
    So, then I'm trying to find another destination just so you can use this stupid certificate. I asked for the amusement park closest to us. They said no (of, course). So I opted for a stupid local Comfort Inn. My kids were not interested since there was no pool or anything to do.
    I used it but, I must say, this whole TIME CONSUMING ordeal was TOTALLY NOT WORTH IT!
    BEWARE...When it sounds good...It's most probably NOT!

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  • Ca
    carol mitchell Oct 08, 2008

    I have one of these 'coupons' and I hope my experience isnt the same as I have read .. time will tell.
    Wish I had of checked internet before buying into it.

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  • Qu
    Queenbee62467 Aug 21, 2009

    We also went to the Silverleaf presentation, and Am quite ashamed to say we were sucked in and bought something we can in no way shape or form afford!! I am frightened about our finances now, and have also had nothing but hell with all the little "bonuses" they promised us! The only thing that even turned out to be on the up and up was the $40am express card and only because that was issued right there!(which she went on and on about how she just couldnt believe they sent us ALL the quiet they must have made a ) The gas was a wash, I dont have time to be playing around with all their little rules either. I was JUST about to sent our $100 deposit for the cruise when I decided to check out some feedback. OMG we do not have it to be losing! Thank God For all these people taking the time to tell their stories so that I didnt make a huge mistake.
    I do see 1 positive feedback on here. It doesnt seem the same situation? If its roughly$ 400 in "taxes, fees etc." Does any of our season travelers have an idea what it would cost us if say we got a last minute for $199 pp/ in additional fees etc.??? We really wanted to take that cruise!!:)

    Thanks and thank you to all that posted.
    You saved us from heartbreak and headache

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Spirit IncentivesFree companion air certificate

First Equity Credit card co. sold me a protection plan with the promise of a free companion airline ticket. Spirit Incentives sent me a bifold paper saying "Free Companion Air Travel Certificate" which I kept about a month till I was ready to make reservations to Canada in July. I got the certif. out to see how to redeem it & called Spirit Incen. For help--they finally told me I was supposed to send that certif in to them & I had waited too long, so they couldn't honor it. I consider that a "trick".

  • Ja
    Janile Jun 09, 2008

    Hey! same with me, Free companion air fare certificate. mine expires Aug.8th 2008 I called spirit incentives to book my flight for a week to Calif. for the month of July 2008 I called three different times three different reps. and three different prices! now, keep in mind I'm paying supposedly for one ticket and taxes on both (sounds fair) but with all the great airline deals out there (I checked out) spirit incentives offered me a round trip price of $585, then $682, then the last rep. on my dates I gave her the price changed again $890. sounds like I'm paying ^YES for "2" people they disagreed and it was either take it or leave it. I left it but there still time I may try again, nothing to lose. But, truly run from their programs they are not fair! it's all a hoax, trick, whatever gimmick I am afraid of them to even really buy the ticket and go to the airport to find there's no such flight! right?.

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  • Ni
    Nicole Sep 14, 2008

    I found out less than 24hrs before our flight that we have no hotel accommodations when we get to the bahamas because they stated tath it was cancelled because of non payment... and yes we did put out almost $300.00 on top of the good faith deposit... now if we don't have a hotell why should we have to pay the hotel taxes they took our money and left us hanging so now we have a flight to the Bahamas tomorrow morning and no place to stay unless we pay for ourselves and we are out the money we have already paid ... the real kicker is they aren't even open and no reps to talk to on the weekend and they book you for a Monday and tell you to confirm within 48hrs of your flight... I pray that we can get ahold of them before we get to the Bhamas...

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Spirit Incentives — Worst service imaginable and a hoax!

And it goes like this... I was presented with a Vacation Package from Spirit Incentives after reviewing a timeshare for Silverleaf Resorts. For attending the timeshare in the...

Spirit IncentivesDefinitely a scam!

Definitely a scam. (FYI, I'm not a rookie to travel/timeshare promotions.) Received the promotion. Registered my destination and 3 dates of choice. (This used up 2 of the 12 months time allotment so far.) When attempting to make the final booking (this used up 150+ minutes of cell phone time because they keep you on hold hoping you'll give up) there was no availability for flight out of my city, the next city, or even my state. Even from NYC. They would not budge on date changes; they kept pushing me to change my destination to Orlando. Wanting the Reno destination that I chose, I kept reaching for cities they "had available" for flight. Chicago was the closest city. The flights were 2 layovers there, 2 layovers back. Being advised that "the trip is now in the system" and I can not change the itinerary now, either I take it or forfeit. Forfeiting with Spirit Incentives and getting the registration refund is by far the best option. How they keep their license must be a very fine line.

  • Mi
    mike jaxn Mar 24, 2008

    Yeah they better get me my refund or im sending in the top lawyers in my state and flordia to shut them down

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  • Lo
    lorenzo cruz Apr 14, 2008

    Why do these timeshare companies still using myspirittravel if indeed this is a scam? Where's their sense of honesty and integrity? I was awarded the same free travel by Geoholiday here in Canada. While I'm still waiting for the response to my on-line registration, I am so discouraged now to proceed with any payment for bookings, even if they say it's refundable. Why wouldn't I take these reactions seriously, more importantly I guess why would GEOHOLIDAY and other time shares company stop using myspirittravel? As far as I know, all these runs counter to what they have been promoting, definitely affecting negatively their credibility. I'm now even more inclined to just stick to what we do with our travel plans, i.e., get cheaper travel packages as oppose to buying timeshares. Still have to see more reasons to change the way we travel. Not so convinced yet with what Timeshares promised to offer otherwise, especially with SCAMS like these.

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  • Ed
    eddie Aug 04, 2008

    I just booked my vacation to Las Vegas. I didn't get the exact date I chose but they were able to get me a flight. The only complaint I have is that I have a really short time there. I arrive late and leave early and that only gives me one full day there. I guess you get what you pay for in this case.

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  • Ni
    Nicole Sep 20, 2008

    I just had to let you know what Spirit Incentives has done this time and boy
    are they in trouble now... We finally got our trip to the Bahamas and low and
    behold they left us stranded in a forien country with no place to say, we had a
    package deal and got the flight but they never paid for the resort. So when we
    get there they tell us that we have to pay for the resort and then told us to take it up
    with the agency that booked us... it was just a way to get our money, because I
    called the resort the day before we left and they said oh don't worry it was
    part of a package deal so you won't have to pay... well we get there and
    they tell us we have to have our credit card and they are going to charge
    $135.00 a night, lol I went off on them and said HELL NO!!! if I'm going to
    pay that price I will go to the Westin and stay in luxary... they put us once
    again out in the middle of BFE with no way to get around and no way to eat
    unless we walk to god knows where... so we ended up in Port Lacaya and stayed in
    the Sheraton we got a good price and the people there were great and we were
    within walking distance to everything didn't even have to take a cab any
    were...So please be aware if ya'll use them that they can put you into
    a forgien country with no place to stay... And if you don't have a credit card with enough money on it you could be sleeping on a beach somewhere...We have reported this to the
    Minister of Tourism in the Bahamas so that he knows what this company is capable
    of and that the people at the resort tried to trick us into staying there and
    paying for it all our self... I got and email from him and there will be an
    investigation... I'm just tired of them thinking that we are easy prey...
    so please be aware if you use them...

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  • Ch
    chris Dec 23, 2008

    Let me tell you, it is not worth all the trouble unless you have nothing else to do! It takes a lot of time (more than 3 months) on the phone paperwork back and forward and in the end we got nothing for all the time we invested in it. We were promised a free 2 night stay in a hotel which we decided to use to go and visit our son. You cannot just go any time. It is pretty much on their terms, they give you the dates. We paid the taxes for the two night stay but when we got to the hotel it was closed due to an Ice storm. You would think they would notify us and/or find us another place. Nothing! We were on our own. I cannot imagine what we would have done if we were not able to stay with our son. When I called to get a refund for the taxes paid I was told that I will not be refunded.

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  • Jo
    Josie aguir Sep 24, 2009

    i received a free 3 day 2 nght trip to 3 different states and i already paid for my taxes i sent a check and they already cashed it. I still have not heard from them to set my dates please anyone help me Im afraid i have been scammed after reading all of these comments. I did not look into this company till now and I have tried to send a email and that email address is no good. Does anyone know how to get a hold of someone there??????

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  • Me
    Melissa Rodriguez Mar 13, 2010

    Thank God i have found this page. I was trying to convince my husband to have a vacation trip and it was for free but, now i'll think about it twice! Tahk's.

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Spirit Incentives — For off season travel only!

My husband and I got married in May, for our wedding present my friend was going to send us on a cruise through Spirit Incentives. I was very excited, I had never been on a...

Spirit IncentivesDid not receive $50.00 rebate as promised

My wife and I spent a week in Williamsburg, Va., using an offer by Spirit Incentives. We had to send them $50.00 up front, that was to be refunded at the end of the vacation. We were lodged at a Wyndam property in Williamsburg and enjoyed our stay. We paid $15.00 per day for room taxes which we expected. All went well except we haven't received our $50.00 refund. Unfortunately, we tossed out all the paperwork from the trip and have no way to contact Spirit Incentives. If some one has that number, please forward it to [protected] Thanks.

Chris Guadagnino.

  • Da
    david jones Jan 08, 2008

    speaking of, same thing happened to us...did you ever find the number?

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  • Ka
    Kathleen Week Jan 11, 2008

    I also have had a bad experience with Spirt Incentive. We went to there meeting in Nov, of 07 and I sent in the $50.00 depoist on December 7, and have never heard from them again.
    It is now the 11th of January, does anyone have there number, if so please e-mail me at [email protected]

    Thank you

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  • Su
    suzette krout Mar 02, 2008

    Oh my gosh... I just got on the internet to get Spirit Incentive's phone number to ask for my 50.00 deposit back, and I am hearing similiar stories to my experience. I chose the 3 possible dates for my vacation and have not heard from them. I called them and they told me someone would be calling me soon, that was 6 weeks ago. I just want my 50.00 deposit back! What criminals.. how can they get away with this...

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Spirit IncentivesNon-compliance to their agreements

We joined Global Vacations and received a free 2 night stay from Spirit. We have been working hard for 7 months to try to receive our "free" 2 night stay. It seems like they have a system in place that encourages not using their service because they change things along the way, don't verify any dates and then they pass, etc. To which it looks like our time will be up (1 year) and we will not be able to use this "free" service.

I must say it is certainly not "free" of anxiety and time usage as you try to get a hold of people and finish their cumbersome process. Not to mention the 80+ dollars in deposit and taxes for the hotel I hope we receive back!

This should be illegal - but I'm sure their lawyers know all the boundaries. Too bad!

  • Sa
    sandy Feb 15, 2008

    Well I went 2 a 90 minute/3 hour to get the trip that was offered. They tell you to go on-line & pick your dates....I can't even do that. They say my certificate number isn't valid. I've called..(long distance)was put on hold for 12 minutes..and was told to try again.They assured me it would work..well it's been almost 2 weeks & I still can't log far I've lost almost three this hell I've entered.My last e-mail I just asked for my $50 back. We'll see what happens.

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  • Ch
    Chynna Jun 16, 2008

    I won two vouchers at a home and garden show by spinning a wheel and it landed on free trip. Well free is funny because nothing is EVER free. I happily chose Myrtle Beach and prepared for the fun. Mailed in 50.00 because I was so excited only to receive it back stating that the certificate is void because the company did not put a date on it. Ok!! They had us sign a paper that we won just call them and verify a date. Thank God they did return my check and now I see all this emails saying they are non compliant with there word. So I guess I am kind of lucky. I will plan my trip the most economical way for my family and myself without the headache from Sprit Incentives. If anyone hears they won a trip run and don't look back.

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