Speedy Health Supplements / Company should be shut down! Stealing people's money...

Apopka, FL, United States

I accidentally ordered from these guys again, after having ordered from them a few years back and didn't get my order...I thought that I was ordering from Amazon with free shipping, but it was through Amazon Payments (not Prime). Seller is a company called Speedy Health Suppliments.
I called Amazon, and they told me to contact Speedy Health Suppliments through messaging on their website which they monitor. Go to, and fill in the fields where it has a place for dates of the order and submit it. It will bring up that order...Off to the side it has a place where you can contact the seller. Amazon can read these. If in a few days (maybe 3 or so) you don't hear from them, or the problem isn't resolved; then file a claim with Amazon. It's on that page too...
Amazon can see how many complaints they've had with this company from the number of claims that they receive. That's where the company gets a black mark!
I just wrote them a message through Amazon, and by Wed. I'm filing my claim!

Jul 23, 2016

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