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Sovereign Bank / service sucks

1 United States

My husband and I added my name to his accounts to make a joint account after we were married. They were clueless and unforthcoming about why they wanted-required various pieces of information. Their customer service automated call in number is insane and contridicts itself. For example it requires you to use your social and a telpehone pin (this is different than you ATM pin), however if you listen to the full message it states that if you have never used the telephone systems then to put in 4 digits followed by the #, you do that three times and then you are locked out and put on hold. I asked the rep if that was the intent to make the caller talk to someone at Sovereign to avoid fraud. He said no it is so that the customer can do the transactions themselves, he clearly did not understand the flaw in their automated phone system. I have called that number on two different days in have been hung up on repeteadly. And the most recent failure one rep tells me that yes I do have online banking and bill pay this was at 4:55 and then after I call back because he hung up on me the next rep tells me no you don't have that set up.

And probably the most galling part of this situation is that we added my name on a Saturday, so of course I understood that in order for it to process it would take time and probably not start until the following Monday, a "business day". I asked specifically when we would receive our new checks, because quite frankly I don't want the checks laying about and well I don't want to have to ask my husband to write checks when I should be able to do it myself. I was told 7-10 business day that I would have them, not that they would ship in 7-10 business days but that they would be in my hands. On the 11th business day I called to find out where they were. I speak to the branch manager, she doesn't know but she sees that they were shipped (and yes they had already deducted the money from our account). So I ask where they were shipped from and on what date, hoping to extrapolate when they may be coming. She doesn't know but she can call the company and find out, great call me back today I say and let me know where they are. She calls back and asks if they would have been sent to an alternate address, and I say no we gave you the correct address when we made the addition and you have been using the correct address for the statements for the past 14 months. Oh she says well they are being sent to X address, which is my street and complex but there is no such apartment number in my complex. At this point I am furious and I say well stop the delivery or have them change the address, her response is no she cannot do that once they are shipped they have no control over the situation. She offeres to overnight us new checks at no charge however I point out that these checks with our account info are out in limbo and how does that help or protect us? She offers to set up a new account, which would nessetate us setting up more paperwork and new direct deposit and bill pay information. At that point I am done with the bank they have provided crap for service and make a serious error and don't seem concerned about it. I hand the phone to my husband to deal with them. The bank manager then asks my husband a few questions and she tells him that the checks were sent to Y address, yes a completely different address than what she told me two minutes ago. The address she gave him was the last place he lived and in a not so nice town so you really don't want to have any personal financial information floating around there. We are very lucky in that my husban's cousin is the landlord and he was able to get his tennat to look for the checks, and we hope to be getting them back, but at this point we do not trust Sovereign. We will be moving almost all of the money from that account out into mine, (which is no prize bank either but they haven't demonstrated crappy customer service or lack of regard for my personal financial data), and we will be closing both accounts and moving them to a credit union. We figure if we have to jump through all the hoops for opening a new account why stay with classless and careless Sovereign Bank when we could go with a smaller bank or credit union, they all have bill pay and online banking which is what we use 90% of the time anyway.

So way to go Sovereign you just lost the checking and savings accounts of both my husband and myself. Not to mention any potential business we were planning on doing with you like say umm, for a home mortgage, maybe a car loan.


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