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The cars these clowns are selling are not all they seem to be. You will end up with a car you will have to put money into just to make safe and road worthy. I advise extreme caution when dealing with them. They sound so convincing over the phone and through e-mail. However there is absolutly no help after the sale. You are treated like trash after they get your money. BEWARE!

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  • St
      Mar 22, 2013

    I got burned for $24.000.00 for an original 1967 nova" rotissery restored", 327 engine etc..I received a wal-mart special w/a small block 307 and with a front end that after a few miles fell apart.I could go on but will warn any one to stay away.I have spent over 4 grand making it drivable.
    They made me the bad guy cause I signed an "as is" agreement.[censored] them!!!

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  • Yo
      Jul 28, 2016
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    Beware of Southern Motors. I put a deposit on a 1968 dodge charger with 440 six pack that is fully restored and based on the video of the ad it doesn't have any bondo or rust whatsoever. I paid a deposit based on this info and after getting the car inspected it showed the opposite, both Leroy and David had mentioned the same thing that the inspection company has a thing against Southern Motors which is total bs as the inspection was done from a highly none company, Automobile Inspection. Which they are already paid and have no benefit to bad mouth the car. I requested a refund which I agreed was non refundable but that was based on the info both from ad, video of the car that states no bondo or rust whatsoever which isn't the case. Both David and Leroy started calling names about the inspector and raising their voice and wouldn't refund me back because the inspector was lying and have a thing against them. This is totally unacceptable and total bs from Southern Motors management and I may have lost my deposit but I hope this review will be helpful for others. Upon searching in old car forums you can see many incidents both mopar and chevy forums. As other car reviews stated they put perfume on pigs and list them for sale and try to rip you off me being from a different country can't do anything about it but you can by walking away from Southern Motors.

    Update: I received an email from David to take down this review and he will refund me back my deposit, which then I requested that he refunds me first before doing so. However this will defy the point of what type of dealership Southern motors are. Yes by this point I lost my deposit but it is way less than what others would loose by buying car from them. Search again for reviews in muscle car forums especially mopar and chevy and you'll see the type of cars they sell. Below are a couple of reviews that I found and mine which shows also another customer that purchased a car from them as well.

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  • St
      Jul 28, 2016

    Here is an update on the "fully restored", rotisserie 1967 nova that Southern Motors stuck me with.
    After 7 grand on top of the $24, 000.00 I paid for the car I finally have a road worthy car that I basically restored myself and I might add that I did a better job than these twits.
    I should one day meet Dave and have an ice cream cone with him, think I will need the ice cream on a sugar cone which I would better be able to screw him up the ### like he did me.
    Make sure to also file a complaint with the B.B.B.

    Southern Motors is the Donald Trump of car sales.

    Stuart Kinsman
    P.O. Box 435
    Montague Ma. 01351

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  • Fa
      Aug 26, 2017

    @Stusky Count your blessings America has Trump!
    Trump is the greatest president we have had in 50 years who is totally patriotic and truly for the hard working American people and against the corrupt and evil Establishment on both sides dems & repubs alike, that have been in control over the people for many decades. Progressive liberalism (aka socialists), is a mental disease.

    Sorry for your bad experience with car however.

    May God continue to bless you Donald J Trump.
    The Real True hard working Americans and military have your back sir.

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  • Bi
      Sep 09, 2017

    @Stusky Sounds more like they're the Bernie Sanders of car sales.

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  • 67
      Jan 13, 2017

    well I spent
    $35, 000 on a 67 chevelle that they said was clean, meaning rust holes on the bottom of the door the size of base ball a hole in the floor board that the drive line went threw, missing parts and broken of bolts blown head gasket system filled with block sealer, they say they don't work on their cars, but from what Ive seen they do and it shows
    Rick cross/ Price utah

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  • Br
      Sep 19, 2017

    Bought a '69 Dodge Coronet Super Bee with a transplanted 440 six pack setup that LeRoy stated multiple times that there was absolutely no problems with mechanically. When I got the car, only the center carb worked and was leaking fuel TERRIBLY. The two outer carbs were absolutely fouled and worthless. They also said ALL guages worked - the temp guage wasn't even hooked up to anything. I knew this is a classic car and would need some attention, but them BLATANTLY LYING about these problems (if they even did inspect it for safety reasons)shows the caliber of their character. They priced this car a good $10k above what it was worth with all of the problems I found - would have cost them only a few hundred to fix beforehand at the most. Don't trust their praises of the cars they sell, because they either didn't inspect mine properly, or knew the problems and lied about it. Those are the only two logical scenarios. Buyer beware from these grifters...

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  • Br
      Sep 20, 2017

    Figured I might as well share some other problems with my '69 Super Bee that were kept from me from the 'honest' guys at Southern Motors Michigan while I'm here - The drivers AND passenger side doors would not even lock because the lock cylinders were put in upside down. The "working" cd player was not hooked up, and when I hooked it up myself, didn't function. The fuel tank spills out large amounts of gas when full (intermittently) (was really great to have found this out while driving by seeing a gas trail flow behind me in my rearview mirror). The Tic-Toc-Tac was another of my guages that doesn't work, after they LIED about "ALL" of my guages working. They even directly lied about some of these issues in their walkaround video that was quickly deleted from their sold cars archive on their website right after my finance check cleared. I hope this sheds some light on who these guys really are and what to expect for their future victims...

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  • Al
      Jan 29, 2018

    BUYER BE AWARE for sure ...bought a 71 GTO, granted the body is good, no rust etc. As the car was delivered I parked it in the driveway and opened the hood to my surprise the passenger side hinge was bent and would not close properly w/out hitting the fender, so using my crow bar I was able to adjusted back enough to be able to close it. Had to order a set of hinges plus labor so my local body shop could install them. Additionally the gas gauge is not working. I asked specifically if all gauges were working, Leeroy responded..they all are. The analog clock did not work and I was told that at the beginning.
    I've had plenty of classic cars in my lifetime however I have traveled to see what I was getting into and 90% of the time the cars are misrepresented as in this case. Taught me or reinforce to travel and go look at it before you cough up the money.
    When I contacted them with my problem they immediately became defensive and responded with insults and profanity. They are not to be trusted. I had no reason to lie to them. Again buyer be weary.

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  • Wi
      Apr 04, 2018

    David Witt- Owner of Southern Motors
    Here is what you need to understand when you are buying an old car! You are buying a 40-50 year old piece of junk! It’s valuable junk but it is still junk! I love them! Cars are in my blood and I take a ton of pride in EVERY car I buy. People complaining on this site may have a problem with a car they bought from me but they were NEVER lied to and the cars were NEVER misrepresented. We have been in business for 40 years. I have personally sold over 5000 cars and not one of them has ever been perfect. They ALL have problems and if you are not prepared to work on them you have no business buying one. Anyone who tells you anything different is lying to you. Most dealers make enough on a car that they will give these “cry babies” money to get them to go away but I will NEVER do that. I will put my quality and prices up against anyone, dealer or private.

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  • Fu
      Apr 05, 2018

    Buyer beware stay away from consignment dealers they check nothing but the lights and the horns, i recently inquired about a rotisserie restored car.I was going to purchase for my son for his birthday, as a concerned parent safety is my first concern.The response i got from David was we check all the lights how about the brakes how absurd most consignment dealers don't even have lifts to do an inspection.Do your homework and personaly check the car in person.

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  • Ro
      May 22, 2019

    I would highly encourage you to personally go look at the vehicle you are interested in. Over the phone they are very polite and seem pretty straight forward with you. But at the end of the day they are just another salesmen. If you cant go look at it yourself I wouldn't buy from Southern Motors. They totally misrepresented the car in the video and over the phone. In the video of my car they say there's nothing wrong or nothing they can really to pick out on the car except for a rock chip which was fixed with touch up paint. They claim the car had a recent body up restoration and it was absolutely stunning. Well it turns out there several issues they failed to mention. They told me everything works on the car i.e. lights, horn and windshield wipers. They told me they had to fix the windshield wipers because they weren't working. The car arrived and the wipers are not working and appears the arms to the wipers is broken. When I called them about the wipers they claim 3 salesman witnessed the wipers working. The interior was missing covers (7"x10") on the front kick panels exposing 2 large holes. Pretty hard to miss this when describing the car. There was an extremely large scratch across the ash tray and glove box. Several areas of the interior molding was loose and out of place. Car leaked oil like crazy. They totally failed to mention any issues about the car. They said it just had a recent body up restoration. Maybe the restoration was 4 or 5 years ago. The only thing recent on this car is maybe the tires and rims. There might be more issues I haven't found yet. I haven't be able to drive the car yet due to South Dakota's lovely weather. For spending $46, 000 plus I expected a little more car and honesty from the salesman. Again go there in person or don't buy from Southern Motors. UPDATE: So I went to drive my new car for the first time. I backed out of my garage and went to go forward. Well my brand NEW Muncie was stuck in reverse and would shift out of reverse. Good luck if you buy from this dealer.

    Rory Olson

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