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My overall experience with the staff was a pleasant and professional one. I have no complaints when in comes to the customer service they provide. However, there are a couple of concerns that I do have.

1. I am very new to this process, and was not quite sure the questions to ask. I was clear in regards to my expectations though. Flat stomach, NO love handles, and bra roll gone. I was more than a little surprised when I came in for my first treatment, and told that it would be broken up into 2 treatments, because I was having my bra roll done as well, to optimize the fat reduction. Over 6 weeks later, there is no obvious reduction in my bra roll. After a consultation my sister did with Sonobello physician, she was told that they have seen very little results with liposuction in the bra roll area. I brought that to the attention of your personnell, and she assured me that this was untrue. Again, I have not seen any difference in that area after 6 weeks.

2. I was not made aware that only a certain amount of fat could be taken. I was under the impression that all fat would be removed from the areas designated, until it was flat and smooth., which is not at all the case. Although there is fat gone, I was expecting a way better result. Although, I understand that I need to wait 6 months to see the final results, I have to admit that I am concerned.

3. I am uneven in areas., abdomen, flanks, and absolutely no loss in the bra roll, my right side is smaller than my left.

4. I also applied for Care Credit, and was approved but an over limit was reported to my credit report which brought my credit score down 25 points. I don't understand the over limit, called Care Credit who then instructed me to contact Sonnobello which I contacted Amanda via email on May 21, 2014 and have yet to receive a response from her to date 06/11/2014. I will be contacting the credit agencies to make sure that this removed immediately.

In summary, Sonnobello is really not clear on what is possible and what is not possible. My expectations assured by Sonnobello, do not at all match the results that I am seeing. I am following a diet plan, which was suggested.. by eating Clean Food, reducing calories, excercise 5 days a week for 45 minutes to an hour a day, + other activities, I am wearing my garment 8 to 10 hours a day, I have lost approximately 1 to 2 pants, and dress sizes, I am tittering in the middle. Althoug, I do look better in my clothes, I believe Sonnobello is not real clear on presenting the facts, of what this kind of surgery can do and cannot do. I am well aware that I am a large woman BMI 36 at the time, I was not looking to be left with the body of a goddess, but I was expecting to have a flat stomach, and erased love handles so that I could wear my shirts, t-shirts, etc. tucked in, without the appearance of fat around the middle. That did not happen, and not real confident that it will go away.

All in all, I know I wasted my $1749 for the removal of the bra roll, and may have wasted money on the other, and may have should have tried harder on losing the results I have received from Sonnobello for a fraction of the cost. As they say, you live and you learn...

I was not expecting a miracle, but was expecting way better results. I went with Sonnobello because I know that they are well known, per the commercials, the website results, and testimonials, via their website.

I believe it may work with those who are much smaller, with minor minor fat issues.

I can produce photos but do not want them blasted all over the internet. I am 9 months post surgery and after $1749 x 5, my results do not reflect the money that I spent. AT ALL!

Jan 05, 2015
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  •   Jan 08, 2015

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