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DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT! be warned! I got ripped off, they won't put you through to a supervisor, they're are rude when you're be nice to try to fix the problem. basically I feel they violated me. I did not know that they without permission could charge your account, send you more stuff for something that doesn't even help! I want a FULL refund, to talk with the better business beuro and an appology.

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  • La
      12th of Mar, 2010

    You are obviously just angry at yourself because you don't listen. You heard "FREE, FREE, FREE" and jumped right on it. How old are you? Did you go through your whole life thinking that things in life are free? How naive can you be? If you had actually listened to the salesperson, you would have heard him explain everything about your trial and your smoke assist. I tried the smoke assist and absolutly loved it. I listened to the sales person and heard all about the trial and the autoshipments. I read this review and laughed out loud. It's not that hard to listen, and perhaps if you did that more often, you'd be able to spell words like "bureau" and "apology"

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  • Gi
      18th of Jun, 2010

    You wouldn't be charged over and over again, had you been a smart consumer and had LISTENED..Not trying to kick you when your down, but they CLEARLY say before they capture and after they capture your credit card.

    1) If you get the 14 day trial
    ( You get 14 days to try this out, if you decide within the 14 days you don't like what you have and dont want to recieve anymore. Call us up let us know and we wont ship you anything or charge you anything else)

    2) If you get the 30 days trial
    ( You get 30 days to try this out, if you decide within the 30 days you dont like what you have and don't want to recieve anymore. Call us up and let us know, we wont ship you anything or charge you anything else. Also remember if you don't like what you have call us up and you can get a full refund LESS the shipping and handling)

    Which NO company gives back the S&H. Now after all of this at the end of the call they say

    If you authorize us to charge your card ending in (last 4 digits) for thepayments I've just described please say yes.

    IF YOU SAY YES...that means it's okay to charge your card the amount today..PLUS further payments..UNTIL YOU DECIDE TO CALL AND CANCEL

    Smoke Assist is sent on a automatic shipment like most products of this nature are these days.

    You just have to listen when people are talking. Don't blame a company because you failed to do the key thing of listening when someone is speaking. That would be your own fault. Not the companies. So you can call the BBB but it wont do you any good. You can even write complaints on this site and every other site, but what you should be adding in your comments is.

    I was a [censor] who didn't listen and I thought I was getting ripped off even though the calls are recorded and if I called and asked for a copy I can get one. Also in the recording they did tell me I would get billed again if I didn't call up and cancel.


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  • Sc
      20th of Jun, 2010

    After reading this response there is absolutely no way I would have anything to do with this company. I was interested!!! But not now. I am 58 years old and owned my own business for 20 years. ANY company that would treat a client like this and refer to him as a [censor] should be out of business.

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