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Smoke Assist / not getting refund

1 MN, United States Review updated:

DO NOT order this poduct---run as fast as u can!!! i have finally gave up trying to contact customer service and have filed a complaint with the BBB of Conneicut, where hopefully smoke assist is located. All they do is give you the run around and the customer service people are very rude! THIS COMPANY IS ONE BIG SCAM!!! we have been dealing with them trying to get a refund back since Sept it is now Dec. ! They are scamming hard working people. I will continue to pursue this until i get results!! i will get my refund!!!Do Not make the same mistake we made!!!

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  • Te
      20th of Jan, 2011
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    Smoke Assist aka 888-217-9026 Address on the user's manual we got is DirectE-Cig 2338 Immokalee Rd #419 Naples Fl 34110 what a scam...take them out behind the wood shed and teach them some manners...

  • Jo
      11th of Feb, 2011
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    DirectE-cig and all the rest of them are related to each other. I too dealt with Direct E-cig, was able to get them to stop taking money from me only by cancelling my debit card. If you used a debit card, cancel it or the money will keep going out. The address you included and all of the information, was the exact same place I was involved with. A 12 year old girl told me, "No refunds" and you owe us 109.90. By closing the bank debit card is the only way to stop it. I feel lucky that's all it cost me cause usually I don't pay much attention to debit cards. I think I'll just keep smoking!

  • Op
      8th of Jun, 2011
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    So I saw this commercial and instantly i th0ught "scam!" and I googled it along with scam and well what do you know? Anyways please don't give up on Electronic cigarettes. When I saw that they said in their commercial that it "usually" goes for 99$ I was like "wow, what a [censored] scam!!!". PEOPLE, these things go for very well less than HALF of that!!! For the better models a bit more, but 99$ for a starter is OUTRAGEOUS and you are getting taken for a RIDE!

    Before I began using E-Cigs to replace cigs (pack and half a day for 5 years) I was extremely skeptical. But guess what? 2 months later I have not bought a pack (although I have smoked some cigs but I can count them with both hands!) E-Cigs have saved my [censored]ing life!! I thought I could never stop and it saddened me so much. I tried the patch, lozenges EVERYTHING! But just as I was about to give up I found E-Cigs.

    Now for the info you need and I strongly advise you you try if you wish to avoid cancer or other terminal disease.

    1. First, E-cigs are a bit complicated but you WILL get the hang of it. I strongly advise you to get as much info as you can before you actually try them. And continue to read up on the subject as you continue to use them. Also post any questions you might have in a good E-Cig community forum.

    2. Find a model that suits you best. These 2 sites have great prices and selection - and

    3. Find a good E-liquid (I personally love the fruit flavors like blueberry and grape also I love Cola flavored ones and one called Tobacco Red)

    4. Start using your E-cig, there is a learning curve so it will take a little to really get the hang of it. It took me like a month until I considered myself an expert on the thing.

    5. Start vaping and never look back.

    I have 3 friends who also used to smoke until I showed them about E-cigs. Now they all have one and have quit smoking along with me. So please I really hope you don't give up on E-Cigs just because you got scammed by some [censored]ing A**holes. It's not worth your life. And also please don't misinterpret me as some guy trying to get people to buy stuff so I can get money or something like that. Because I am not, I have no affiliation with the companies I have listed, except that I buy stuff from them frequently lol. You can buy your products from whatever site you want just google it, but make sure they are about in the same price range as they have them in those 2 sites I listed because any more and you are getting taken for a ride.

    Also If you need any help, suggestions, questions or anything like that please don't hesitate to shoot me an email and I would be more than glad to help you out.

  • Op
      8th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    Oh I forgot to include me E-mail, It is

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