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Dear Patients and Friends,

My name is Dr. Thomas Teich and I am the owner and founder of the Smile Implant Center started 11 years ago. I opened the business and for the first 6 months I was the only employee. I answered the phones and made all the appointments I sterilized the instruments and did everything. From 2002 through 2008 our office was located in Santa Ana and grew gradually and consistently by providing care to patients with a small staff in a small facility. At this office before we moved we had seen over 10, 000 patients. It was personally possible for me to start and oversee all the patients treatment done here with great success and personal attention to everyone s case.

In 2009 we moved to a Newport Beach location much larger than this original office. We experienced a large phase of expansion over the past few years. During this expansion I was the primary implant surgeon at the center. I was doing surgeries 5 days a week. This was the primary beginning stage of the treatment. We expanded and increased the number other staff members and doctors to finishing the final stages of the implant treatment. Thousands of patients were started and completed. Some of the patients tha did not get to a final stage of treatment in what I believe was a reasonable period of time.

I made a decision over the past year to systematically reduced the number of staff and the number of doctors to allow me to get the office to the point that I could supervise and direct all the patients treatment from start to finish.

The past 4 weeks our remaining staff have all helped to relocate back to the original office where we started in in 2002. This transition took longer than planned and disrupted treatment on our patients and telephone systems in ways that were not anticipated. I sincerely apologize for the frustrations and problems many of you had due to this relocation. The main computer systems were just finally moved last Thursday night and are still getting them reconfigured to work properly. We are not closing our office or going out of business.

All of your charts and lab work are still organized and available to move to the next phase of your treatment. I plan to personally review and oversee the completion of all the patients that have additional treatment needed. I want to help to finish everyone s treatment as soon as possible. If you will allow me to do this I need your help.

I please ask your assistance in helping me manage your case in the following way.

Send me an email directly to me at [protected]@smileimplantcent… giving me the following information:

1. Your full name first, last and middle initial.
2. Date of birth
4 Your best email address.
5. Best phone number
6. Treatment you have had and what you believe you need or a description of the problem you are having.
7. If you want a phone call from me please let me know this also.

I will receive all these emails personally. I review your chart and laboratory case and return an email to let you know what the best plan is to move forward with your situation. If you want to call me my personally cell phone is [protected]. If I am not sleeping or seeing patients I will answer your call. The best way for me to help you is to get the above information first and review your case and chart before we speak on the phone. I am willing to talk to any patient personally on the phone if this is what you want and prefer this over email correspondence.

Please help me help you. I am here for everyone and not going anywhere except back to the new office. We all wish to thank all of our patients over all the years for allowing all of us to provide your dental treatment. I know things did not go smoothly lately but please be patient and I promise this will change soon and everyone will be completed.

Thank you, and God bless

Dr. Thomas Teich
Smile Implant Center
2740 South Bristol Street Suite 200
Santa Ana, California 92704


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