SkyNet / bad working attitude of clerk

Raub, Pahang, Malaysia

I was not around when the truck came to my house in the morning hence I failed to get my parcels. At around 3pm, i took the notice and went to the Skynet service centre for getting my parcel. The Indian clerk saw my notice and showed me her impatient face and said to me impolitely that the truck would be only reaching service center at about 5pm. Then, I decided to go back my home first and go Skynet service centre again at 5.30pm to take my parcels. About 5.30pm, I went there again. The Indian clerk said to me impolitely with her impatient tone once again that the truck is still delivering parcel at somewhere. She said:''belum sampai lagi-lah''!!She should not promise to me that the truck will be reaching at 5pm. She should not show her impatient face and speak impolitely over and over again because it was looked like I'm giving her a lot of trouble. I was feeling disappointed and annoying for the bad attitude of the clerk at Raub Skynet service centre. At last, I want to inform the management of Skynet that I am not the only people who dissatisfied of the attitude of Raub service centre but also my friends.

Jan 30, 2018

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