SkyNetbad service for delivery and customer service

I was received a call from skynet to check my address due to driver cannot found my address. I was provided a full correct address to that agent from customer service, reconfirmed again and again with him my address, but until today I still haven't get my courier!!! From beginning of January the courier was sent out 23 times but the status shown as same problems, my address wasn't correct. Anyway my courier sent back to MSG branch and the phone number provide by brand site is not in service, however I called to fax number but they never answer the call!!! I just want my courier back, I swear no next time using skynet for me, this is the baddest service I'd never met! If someone receive my complaint please do something!!! If not don't blame me take action cuz your company has against the law.

Feb 04, 2017

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