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Dudley, England, West Midlands, United Kingdom Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 07951278781
I telephoned your Sky Customer Services department this evening at 18:40 and had a whole customer experience that does your organisation no credit.

I have been left with a definite feeling that Sky is ill equipped to deal with volumes of calls from customers (which isn’t new as I have experienced the same delinquency of response in all my time as a subscriber), and that the customer service staff I spoke to were of very low competence levels which was demonstrated in their inability to deal with my enquiry or answer my concerns satisfactorily.
Also, the process which took me from my first point of contact to the user dealing with my enquiry was flawed, time consuming and utterly without point.
§ 19:05 - I telephoned to enquire on the statement they sent me. I was asked to identify myself using touchtone keys to input my home telephone number.
§ 19:24 - Customer Service Advisor comes onto the line and asks me to identify myself again, collects bio data, takes password and checks the nature of my enquiry. I state that I find the amount of time it takes for Sky to deal with an non-sophisticated enquiry to be entirely unacceptable for an organisation of it’s size with such a large customer base. He asks me to hold which takes 4 minutes then comes back to me advising I would be put through but would have to hold for approximately five minutes. Why was I put on hold initially for him to put me through to another department and have to hold again?
§ 19-36 - I came through to a Customer Service Advisor called Helen. I said, quite seriously, “I assume you know my name and the nature of my enquiry”. She answered no. I asked if she could explain why I had gone through the previous process and she replied no. I stated once again that I found it entirely unacceptable that I had been forced to be kept waiting throughout a process for no conceivable reason. I then had to provide full bio data details again. She then dealt with my enquiry with the minimum of charm that tested my patience further. The fact that there was no reason to this elongated process caused me to ask if Sky made revenues from customers dialling the 0870 number. She replied I don’t know. I requested I speak with a manager or someone who was her superior and she said the manager was at home and there was no-one more senior than her and they were leaving in twenty minutes. I demanded that she allow me to speak to a colleague of hers to corroborate her statement on three occasions, I was then cut-off at 19:55. Not once did I use bad language or raise my voice.

This was a straightforward enquiry, one which could have been dealt with so simply but one which actually served to raise my levels of disbelief at the poor level of customer service and the feeling that a large corporate organisation really had no empathy or consideration for it’s customers. I have been a subscriber to Sky since 2007 and had problems with there custermer services from day one, I believe it is only fair to you to point out the severe failings of your Customer Service people, process and supporting infrastructure. I would very much like these questions answered directly to me.

I have forwarded this onto various consumer and media organisations, as I will not accept any organisation that I am a customer with dealing with me in such an unprofessional, uncaring manner.

I ended up with cancelling SKY TV, SKY TALK and SKY BROADBAND, and signed up with Virgin Tv


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  9th of Aug, 2007
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Sky TV - No picture for satellite stations
United Kingdom

we have only terrestrial stations and been told we will have too wait until Saturday 11th August for someone to call. When Cable had it, the service was same day. They charge more for a poorer service.

Shame on Sky TV.
H Bishop
53 Carmel Road
Winch Wen
Swansea sa1 7jz

Tel: 01792412081
  11th of Jan, 2008
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I have been a sky subscriber for 9 years and have just upgraded my package as sky were very good. Since I have done this I have had no viewing and loss of viewing for the last three months. Sky have not responded to letters sent yet they still expect payment on time. It seems that sky do not value there loyal customers anyone else had the same thing happen?
  8th of Oct, 2009
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Virgin are just as bad if not worse. I have their broadband if a bill isnt paid on time they swith you off and charge an extra £10 for late bills. Funny thing is when they sent me the bill instead of it being £10 extra it was mor like £20. They also call me DAILY to ask stupid questions even after ive asked them NOT to. I think they all take the micky Virgin & Sky TV
  3rd of Mar, 2011
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I had brilliant help today in March 2011 and the number to ring is no longer an 0870...its 08442414141. top marks to Sky who clearly have addressed complaints . I will defo stay with them.
  31st of May, 2011
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Hi i have a big problem with Sky as well. Check this website out. www.skycustomercomplaints.yolasite.com This is a website i have made and applyed to get it into google yahoo and bing search engines. About time they sorted their customer service out!!!

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