Signpost / unauthorized credit card charges, unethical behaviour, gross loss of business

New York, NY, United States
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Tara is aggressive and unethical and has grossly breached a contract that had barely commenced when my cell phone calls were intercepted, people I had never met were contacted without my permission and several of those people received emails/texts asking what they thought of our business. Terrified that we had somehow stolen their identity while visiting our area they found themselves closing down credit card accounts. 2 more people, after being contacted in this fashion...who also had never been here...stated that they would never come to the wellness center because of our 'unprofessionalism". Next I found $99 stolen from my credit card, which I then disputed and closed. Signpost then stole $299 from a debit card that I did not even tell them about, therefore they certainly had no permission to use it even though they managed to access my whole financial portfolio. They asked at one point if i wanted to use their point of purchase card reader. I said no I don't because I use Square. Sure enough I go in to my account and they have stolen another bunch of money towards the start-up of that system too! I have demanded on several occasions to cancel my "contract"/contact with Signpost...both Tara (my account "manager") and Ryan who is supposed to be a "customer care" representative. All refused to cancel their hold over me forcing me to cancel all access to any of my money everywhere. I have lost a ton of business and nobody that Signpost accosted has ever called back or expressed any interest in visiting the center. They claim to have many good outcomes because of their great job. I say they are liars and cheats and have falsified any and all parts of my business "file" with them. Nothing good has come of them contacting me. I now have to sue them...more aggravation and money well spent.

Sep 27, 2017

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