Shwas Homes / fraudulent activities

Kochi, India

I was recently shown an apartment for rent in Shwas Guest House, Kureekad, by a handful of brokers. The 2 BHK rooms are fully furnished but there are no basic amenities provided like water and waste disposal system. Residents in the building often have to take the garbage at night and dump it on the roads. The situation being too tough for me to bear, I decided to move out from the rented flat within a month and the same was intimated to the Shwas Homes employee, Mr. Umesh Nambiar.

Shwas Homes owners and employees are now well known for their fraudulent activities to no respect to people's money and time. While paying the advance amount of Rs. 30000, no receipt was provided. I asked them that I would deposit the amount in the account which was not acceptable to them. They wanted cash payment for which no receipt was provided. Umesh said that the acknowledgment of the receipt of 30, 000 would be mentioned in the agreement. I paid a brokerage of 5000 in addition to the 30, 000. As per the agreement, the tenant could move out with a month's notice which was duly emailed.

I vacated the flat on 9th February even though I had given the date as 10th February. I went to settle the final accounts and to my surprise and disgust, the officials were demanding that I pay an extra brokerage to them as I vacated before 11 months. I asked them that in the absence of basic amenities how are people supposed to survive to which they had no answers. The employees and staff at Shwas Homes work towards cheating and unscrupulously usurping money from innocent people. Is this the way the system works?? It makes me wonder whether a legal system really exists.

Such people should be put behind bars. The owners at Shwas Guest House are like trapped mouse with their hard earned money being cheated from them. The promised parking lot of 40 cars have actually the capacity for parking 32 cars. A resident of the building who the Shwas homes employees say have been entrusted the association has vehemently denied that the association has been formed as the builders are yet to fulfill their commitments.

I name Shwas Guest Homes Employees, Mr. Umesh Nambiar and his successor Mr. Suresh in playing hand in glove and cheating people.

Dear all, please beware... Never ever go and get your heads trapped in a Shwas Home. You will pay dearly.

Feb 15, 2014

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