Shoppers Drug Mart Van Horne Plaza / the pharmacy department

Ki Mar 24, 2016 Toronto, ON

Dear whom this may concern,

I have had the WORST possible service in the universe at the Shoppers Drug Mart located at Victoria Park and Van Horne plaza. The pharmacist's and the rest of the people who are a part of the pharmaceutical team are the most unintelligent and unprofessional group of individuals to serve the general public.

They are constantly out of prescription medications, when your medication is ready they did not even call me to let me know. They are unable to answer the most basic information about my family's file, so they put me on hold for 13-15 minutes (on average, sometimes longer) whenever I inquiry about my file.

I have had my privacy evaded several times, most recently when one of the people from the pharmacy team interrogated me about why I was taking certain medications?, how does the medication make me feel?.
It should be noted this was not a new medication for me so all these questions were not routine. When I asked her why she was asking all these questions, she said "no reason, just "curious"

To make matters worse, which I didn't think was even possible, a woman that works with the pharmacy team, her name starts with the letter (F), complained to me about the fact that her task of contacting my doctor to fill prescriptions is an inconvenience for her. She specifically said it was a "hassle" to contact my doctor and look out for faxes, even though it is only once a month.
I have wasted so much time standing around at the pharmacy waiting for medication that is already ready, due to the lack of organization among the team.
I would never invest this much time and effort writing all this information if these issues were not as bad as I am stating. I have never been to a pharmacy that had such little knowledge about the general questions that I asked. I have been a loyal Shoppers customer since I was a child. Due to the series of TERRIBLE events I have gladly switched pharmacies, and it has the made the world of difference. Unfortunately some of my son's medications are still at this location.
Overall, every single phone call I have made to this pharmacy team, they treat me like nuisance. I feel discriminated against because they talk to me with a very annoyed demeanor. After every phone call I get off the phone with more questions than answers.

This pharmaceutical team needs to be thoroughly investigated and some changes should be implemented immediately. This pharmacy is incredible close to my home, and I would love to have remained a loyal customer, but I have incurred the last straw with these so-called professionals. I have shared my awful experiences with my neighbors, and several of them has had similar complaints about this pharmacy team. I am writing this extensive complaint on our behalf!


Former Loyal Shoppers Customer.

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